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Mahathir's grandparents were those in the million unqualified non indigenous people given citizenship

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“Mahathir was born to the family of Mohamad bin Iskandar Kutty, a man of Keralan descent who despised aristocrats just the way his ancestors did. Being the first Indian community to embrace communism, Keralans are opposed to members of Indian royalty who typically refer to themselves as the descendants of Gods”

Mahathir’s father taught him to hate aristocrats

One of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s biggest grouses against the late Tunku Abdul Rahman was the latter’s penchant for spending leisure hours at bars, dance lounges and golf courses. During his first term as parliamentarian for the Kuala Kedah constituency, Mahathir confided in his peers that the Tunku’s mannerisms was “what you’d expect from a member of Royalty born with a golden spoon in his mouth.”
As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just Mahathir, but his own father, Mohamad bin Iskandar Kutty (fondly referred to as Master Mohamad), who had problems with the Tunku. Back in the 1910’s, the Tunku was a ‘spoilt brat’ who would impress upon schoolmates that he was the son of a ruler and needed to be revered. Very often, during recess, the young Tunku would parade around the school grounds accompanied by ‘loyalists’ who would demand ‘sembah’ (obeisance) from other pupils.
Master Mohamad was a headmaster at the “Government English School” (or GES, later renamed Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid) where the Tunku studied. At one point, he was forced to approach the Tunku’s mother to seek her ‘permission’ to discipline her son. Mahathir’s dad found it most annoying that the young Tunku would arrive to school on the shoulders of an aged and hunching palace attendant “who seemed as if his life was draining from him.”
As a matter of fact, he would often find the Tunku loitering around the school compound garbed in a gold-laced scarf (typical of the Keralan Manja Thunni) along with other palace regalia. In the Tunku’s memoir’s (as they were related to a former historian, unpublished), he confessed to joking with Mahathir one day about how Master Mohamad had disciplined him before expressing “shock” at Mahathir’s reply.
“That joker had the cheek to tell me right on my face that his father reminded him every other day not to become arrogant like me. The cheek of him…”
That, according to Tunku, may have been the primary reason why Mahathir detested the aristocratic class “to a degree that was so perplexing.”
“I often asked (Tunku) Abdullah what had gotten into that Paki (bursts into laughter).”
Yes, “that Paki.”
The Tunku, who traced his ancestry to the Thais through his mother, often joked about how persons of Indian heritage – particularly the Keralans – were a cunning breed of “Manja Thunnis” (an old Keralan reference to a yellow/golden laced cloth, worn by traditional Keralans around the waist). The Tunku was probably referring to tales of Keralan assassins who would sneak up on their enemies from behind before strangling them with “Manja Thunnis.”
“He found out about it and asked Abdullah, who then asked me if the rumour was true that I referred to him as “that Paki” and spoke of Manja Thunnis. Abdullah related to me that the Kedah boy was slighted by it and felt it unbecoming of me to do that. Ah…the sensitive brat…”
According to the Tunku, Mahathir often confided in Abdullah that the Tunku was a hypocrite for invoking his (Mahathir’s) Indian lineage, a secret Abdullah kept with Mahathir and, as the Tunku put it, “probably even the guy who sold chendol, who knows…but I knew.”
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
Once upon a time, Mahathir used to confide in a certain Tunku Abdullah bin Tuanku Abdul Rahman – a flamboyant playboy and member of the Negeri Sembilan Royal family – that he had no qualms “with his Indian heritage” and wished the Tunku (Tunku Abdul Rahman) would “see people beyond their skin colour and ancestry.”
“That Mahathir never forgave me for being a kid born to a rich family. I was just being a kid, born with a golden spoon in my mouth. It wasn’t my fault. I was a spoilt brat, and Master Mohamad half-fixed me. Bloody hell, he (Mahathir) wasn’t even born then.”
The Tunku may have been right.
The fact is, Mahathir was born to the family of Mohamad bin Iskandar Kutty, a man of Keralan descent who despised aristocrats just the way his ancestors did. Being the first Indian community to embrace communism, Keralans are opposed to members of Indian royalty who typically refer to themselves as the descendants of Gods.
Mahathir was probably indoctrinated to despise aristocrats the way his father did. So perplexing was his detest for rulers, in 1992, he emasculated the Monarchical institution just to turn his administration into a full-fledged dictatorship. If there is one thing the former premier can never tolerate, it is the idea of an aristocrat leading the country beyond his natural lifespan.
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A million unqualified non-indigenous people given citizenship, says PM

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad noted how one million unqualified non-indigenous people were accorded citizenships in this nation following its independence.
However, he did not elaborate on this in a blog posting in which he expressed disappointment with the accusations of racism levelled against the Malay Dignity Congress.
“When the former colonies of the European nations gained independence, many discriminated against the non-indigenous people. Some had to leave the country. Some were violently attacked.
“Not so in this country. The non-indigenous people were accepted as citizens. In fact, one million of the non-indigenous people were given citizenship even though they were not qualified.
“It hurts me to think in their own country the indigenous people are not supposed to have their own gatherings without being accused of being racist.
“And now of course, I will be labelled a racist for writing this,” he added.
During the Malay Dignity Congress earlier this month, Mahathir had courted criticism for stating that the Malays had accepted outsiders as citizens in exchange for independence from the British.
At the time of Malaya's independence in August 1957, conditions of citizenship of the Federation of Malaya fell into separate categories of automatic citizenship and citizenship by naturalisation.
Automatic citizenship covered citizens of the nine Sultanate states, British subjects born in Penang or Malacca who have lived continuously for 15 years in the federation, British subjects born in the federation whose fathers were born or lived continuously for 15 years in the federation, anyone born in the federation, conversant in the Malay language and following Malay traditions in his or her daily life and anyone born in the federation whose parents were born and lived continuously for 15 years in the federation.
Those who had to apply for citizenship were people born in Malaya and had lived here for at least eight of 12 years before the application was made or those who had lived in the federation for at least 15 of 20 years before the application was made.
'As usual, there were extreme views but ...'
In his blog post this afternoon, Mahathir said he attended the congress because he was a Malay.
“It is common in this multiracial country for the citizens to retain their identification with their countries of origin even after being in Malaysia and holding its citizenship for three generations. They do not want to lose their racial identities.
“They manifest this ethnic link through their language, culture, schools and ethnic organisations. They often hold meetings confined to their ethnic group. Sometimes I would be invited to open these meetings and asked to give keynote speeches,” he added.
In multiracial Malaysia, Mahathir said, ethnicity is recognised as legitimate and proper whereas other multiracial nations witnessed the non-indigenous people identifying themselves with the indigenous citizens almost completely.
“They adopt the language and culture of the indigenous people and break their link with their countries of origin. They even change their names.
“It is a measure of the tolerance of the indigenous people in Malaysia that gatherings which are confined to the different ethnic groups are accepted as normal,” he added.
Therefore, Mahathir said he was surprised when advised not to attend the Malay congress, which was jointly organised by four public universities, to discuss the race's dignity.
“Obviously they are concerned over their possible loss of dignity, whatever that might mean. As usual there were extreme views but on the whole, they were balanced.
“It cannot be that while other ethnic groups can have their gatherings to discuss their affairs, the Malays cannot, that their gathering is racist.
“And now there is even a demand that the Malay initiator of the gathering should be sacked for attending,” he added.
Mahathir's University degree was in his Indian name.
He was given his first job in his Indian name.
Mahathir only became a Malay when he was in the Cabinet.
If one were to investigate further, Mahathir's grandparents were unqualified non indigenous people who were given citizenship here in Malaysia.
During his first stint as the 4th Prime Minister, he make sure 1 million unqualified non indigenous people were given citizenship in Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia.
Now that there are 6 million unqualified non indigenous people in Malaysia, Mahathir is talking cock.
Mahathir, you were born an Indian and will remain an Indian in death.  Your DNA and blood will remain an Indian.
So do not think for one second you have more right than us.

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