Thursday, October 10, 2019

June Chan

There is a saying that Blonde has nothing in their head while their mouth spew nonsense to make men love them.

As a woman, I know it is true too with certain type of woman.

They can be educated, they can be uneducated.
They can be blue collar workers or prostitute.

Recently I met a person who claimed to be very rich, her appearance looks rich but her heart is full of venom and malice.

Her name is June Chan, from Johore.

Her true colour appeared on our third meeting.

In the present of friends, she is friendly but in front of strangers her venom self appear.

An hour to Summit by Grab and Taxi back was a total nightmare to tolerate but I held it in.

Subject that she opened up inside Grab were Najib, Mahathir, Prophet Mohammad, Quran, Bible, Money, Amway, my divorce and my son in Australia.

She said that she is not a voter because she does not believe it makes any difference to her life and business. It was wrong to over throw the BN Government and now wanting Mahathir to leave.  Then like an expert on Prophet Mohammad, Quran and Bible I was lectured upon.  Next she said she has never come across a person like me who is contented with enough to spend per day.  She loves money and without money she cannot live. Then for Amway, she says transaction are cash and never heard that goods can be bought through bank transfer. Then she called me a liar.  Next my son in Australia should not open  a cafe in Malaysia because the business will not be successful instead I should use the money to join her friend to do Green Leaf an MLM.

At all time she was dragging me into voicing my opinion so that she can scold and lecture me in front of the Grab driver.  I have learnt from experience to smile and keep quiet from such person.

If I make a police report, I am sure the Grab driver can testify what I have said here.

With age and experience I knew June Chan should be avoided at all cost, so the next day I changed my phone number.

I would like to add that June Chan offered me a job as her companion, two weeks for RM1000 on our second meeting which I accepted gladly since I was looking for something to do. As she had only a week left in Kuala Lumpur she gave me RM500 in advance, not knowing high tide was about to drown me.

It was on the 3rd day that I realized the biggest mistake I make.

Yesterday morning she messaged to said I have spoilt her husband expensive fish in the fridge because I off the switch.  So I apology and said I will replace a fresh one when she comes back from JB. Then she mentioned her husband said not to trust me. The nightmare started again this time lasting 11 hours. From there she went into messenger telling our group that I lied about staying in Daim's house and knowing Mahathir etc and spinning another tale.  Because of her behaviour and lies I refused to have anything to do with her two friends she introduced.  The MLM girl and her beautician.

I do not know why certain people think because they have the money they can belittle everyone.  Now those in the group are revealing the truth about June Chan being bipolar and I am happy knowing I was not the only victim.

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