Monday, September 30, 2019

Who dares to challenge the position of the Malays in Malaysia?

The Malay Dignity Congress slated for Oct 6 is in response to certain quarters challenging the position of Malays in the country, said the event's secretariat chief executive Zainal Kling.
"Many of the questions not only belittle Malays but also question the Malays' bumiputra rights, the position of the royalty, belittle and question Islam and also cultural issues such as the national language.
"This is why we are organising the congress... Because all the questions have challenged Malay dignity so much so that they do not only feel challenged but also played, belittled and underestimated," Zainal (photo) told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today...
I tell you this Zainal has good imagination up his arse.
In Malaysia it is the Malay Politicians especially that Tamil Muslim Mahathir Kutty who can instigate the stupid Malays into believing such claim.
Racism started by Mahathir Kutty and should end with his death soon.
If only the Malays bother to learn to read the history and Quran then all these fake allegation against the other races and religion need not happen.
But then when one is groom from young to be stupid, foolish and follow what their leaders say without understanding, then one should just jump into the great ocean.
Last Friday, there was a sermon against the non Muslim in a nearby Mosque.  This kind of things should not be happening now that PH is the government but then it is hard when one is an obedient slave.

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