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How Does NAZA Evade Tax?

Naza Tax Evasion - Spare Parts


Spare Parts

Naza purchases completely built-up (CBU) cars, completely knocked down (CKD) parts, spare parts from Peugeot and are billed accordingly:
NAZA Peugeot Original Invoice

Md Nor Kamisan

Rafae, a “trusted” team member of Dato Samson Anand George Tax Evasion Team submits fake/forged invoices at a lower amount for ALL parts to Custom and Excise and Naza pays excise duties on the lower amounts. As a result of paying lower excise duties, Naza can sell those Peugeot cars to the public at a more competitive price and make more profit.
The authorities need to ask Peugeot to provide them with the original invoices for these spare parts. They will then have to compare these original invoices with the one submitted by Naza to Custom and Excise. As each part have their unique identifying parts number, it would be a matter of comparing the original invoices with the one submitted by Naza to know how much Tax the Government and the people of Malaysia were defrauded of.
This Tax Evasion ruse was devised, managed and executed by Dato Samson Anand George and his team within Naza, and, assisted by PKT Logistics and their subsidiaries Orisis Logistics.
Datuk Michael Tio (PKT Logistics)

Augustine K. B. Lee (PKT Logistics)
Within Naza, different sets of books are kept by a dedicated accounting team to hide the discrepancies and to further the fraud. This has been done by Naza over many decades and would have cost the government and the Malaysian public, tax revenue losses running in the hundreds of millions, if not billions.
Marina Mansor Finance Head reporting to Dato Samson Anand George
Whenever Royal Malaysian Customs is about to raid Naza, Dato Samson will get a tip-off and his “trusted” people will be scrambling to hide documents.
Recently, Customs seized 21 cars for violation of import documents ( While this is a move in the right direction, we hope Deputy Customs director-general (Enforcement and Compliance) Datuk Azimah Abd Hamid will also investigate the activities of Dato Samson Anand George who has faked/forged literally tens of thousands of import documents!
Locally produced cars sold by Naza are “manufactured” at their factory in Kedah, which they have sold a majority stake to Groupe PSA (Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel). Being so powerful, they even bend the rules on CBU and CKD. Officially there is only a duty structure for CBU and for CKD ( Naza, on the other hand, can purchase CBU vehicles in Korea and France, and then disassemble, ship to Malaysia using PKT and Orisis, and then pass these cars off as CKD thus paying lower duties to profit more, in addition to the profits gained from fake/forged invoicing. Officially there is NO such duty structure for disassembled CBU being passed off as CKD so how does Naza do it?
We are aware that LHDN and Naza have negotiated for a much lesser amount to be paid into the Government coffers for the hundreds of millions of Tax revenue that they have already defrauded our government of. The question that needs to be asked is simply this: Who in LHDN and who in government, aided and abetted this much-reduced settlement. And why had Naza been given time to pay this when they have already had in their coffers, the Tax revenue money they had defrauded us all, for many years?
And more pertinent: Why has Naza not been prosecuted for this Tax Fraud which is a crime against our nation and our people? Is this because Naza is a Bumiputra conglomerate and this Pakatan Harapan government is reluctant to bring to heel a Bumiputra business that has, among its shareholders, Rafidah Aziz, Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali? Or is the money that NAZA still has, a factor in making this Pakatan Harapan government look the other way?

Naza’s NZ Wheels is the “SOLE IMPORTER” of Mercedes-Benz in Malaysia NOT Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. So for every Mercedes you buy, you’re making Naza richer.
Naza NZ Wheels states : “The company has the ability in term of knowledge, experiences, skills and Approved Permits (AP) to undertake, as well as live up to her appointment as the sole importer for New Complete-Build-Up (CBU) Mercedes Benz and an authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd. It is supported by their affiliation with NAZA Motor Trading Sdn Bhd and NAZA Consortium Sdn Bhd.”

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