Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Religious Conflict in the Family

I converted to Islam 43 years ago on my own free will.
This was before my marriage to a pariah man.
Never in my living life would I dream that I would one day be proclaimed a Kafir by my own biological daughter Arliza Khairina.

Things were okay during my marriage but after I demanded for a divorce, my children have been brain washed by my other Pariah daughter Dr Arniza Khairani and ex husband that I am not a Muslim.

In the Quran it is clearly stated that children are born into a particular family but never to a religion.
In the Quran it is clearly stated that one should pray twice a day and optional an extra one.
In the Quran it is clearly stated that women need not use the Hijab especially to work or outside the house. Hijab is the Arab way of life because of the weather which is hot, dry and dusty from the desert. Hijab has nothing to do with Religion.
In the Quran it is clearly stated that God is infront of you.  But how many Muslim bother to read to understand the word God means your parent.  All parents punish their children in their own way for different reason but not because they do not love or care for them. If a child cannot try to understand that, then it is best the child should leave the parents.  When Karma is at the doorstep, not many are lucky to ask for forgiveness from the parents.

Here in Malaysia only fools follow donkey in the way how Muslim should dress and behave.
Here in Malaysia women are forever look down as pariah.
But yet some women like my daughters do not think they are pariah but can proclaim I am one.  They are well educated, well brought up at home but society and ex husband revenge and hatred make my girls stupid and fools.
Today I had to beat my biological daughter Arliza Khairina even though it is the first day of Hari Raya.

To Arliza Khairina I am a Kafir even though I have converted to Islam 43 years ago.
To Arliza Khairina I am a Kafir because I did not pray 5 times a day in front of her. Even though I pray in my own way for 43 years.
To Arliza Khairina I am a Kafir because I do not use the Hijab when the Quran did not mentioned.
To Arliza Khairina I am a Kafir because I did not fast during fasting month, not knowing I fast throughout the year in my own way.
To Arliza Khairina I am a Satan and a Kafir because I prefer crystal stones to heal my body instead of taking medicine.
To Arliza Khairina I am a Kafir because I love to visit other places of worship and attend weddings in Churches, forgetting my parents are Catholic and reading about other Religion.
But Arliza Khairina forgot I was like that before she was born and I have not changed my love and respect for other religion and race.

I will be 65 years soon and suddenly I am told that I am not a Muslim and that my conversion is fake.  I am a bad mother who does not love her.

Can someone please guide her as to which bloody hole she came from?

I blame Malaysia Government past and present.
I blame Sultans.
I blame Religious Authorities.
I blame our Society.
I blame all those stupid, fucked up Islamic NGOs.
I blame our Education System.

I also blame myself for not having the money to send all my children away when they were in Primary school.

This is proof Race and Religion can break up families.  Malaysia cannot develop when one race group together to be Master of the Universe not knowing they are barbarians.

I already lost one daughter.
Another one is one step away.

I accept my karma not to have any daughters to be with me in my golden years.
I accept my karma that I am now a kafir in their eyes.
I accept my karma that I wasted my time, energy and money to care for them.
I accept my karma that I will never be a grand mother to their children.
I accept my karma that my biological children have proclaimed me dead inside the mosque.


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