Sunday, May 26, 2019

Nobody in the world is interested in Malaysia Bloody Flying Car

I am just fed up of PH Ministers especially those from Pribumi.
In the name of God, I wish someone will kidnap or abduct those bloody fools.
Everyday at least one stupid Pribumi Minister will open his bloody mouth to talk cock.
I believe there is a competition among Pribumi Ministers to outshine each other in being a fool.

2 days ago Gombak LRT carpark collapsed.

This kind of accident is happening too often because our past and present Leaders are corrupted.
Malaysia has gone down the drain since getting rid of Najib and the gang of corrupted fools in UMNO.  It is not that UMNO did a better job then but because the present newbies are busy with their side income and being somebody important now that they forget they are supposed to work and care for the Rakyat. Most of PH Ministers are not only stuck up and arrogant but are useless in their portfolio.

So what if a couple died in the recent accident, who cares.  Not the Malays nor Malaysians because it is some foreigners who came to work in Malaysia. Any Minister or Sultan make a sound?

As long as the Malays are running Malaysia there is no hope for the development of this nation.
This is the truth and our future generation will become slaves, prostitutes, pimps, gigolos, labourers and maid.

6000 Malaysians have applied to work as labourers in Japan.
1000 Malaysians have gone to Saudi to work as maids.
10,000 Malaysians have gone to work illegally in Restaurants and Farms in USA, London, Europe and Australia.
1,000 Malaysians have gone to work as prostitutes in Korea.
I believe next year 1,000 Malays are going to Indonesia to work as labourers and maid.

The Economy is going doing the drain, yet our Leaders are talking about building new Airport, manufacturing the next National Car, giving our money to Palestine, spending unnecessary on a Flying car that cannot fly because of strong connection to Pribumi and UMNO cronies.

Between June and July this year, the first flying car in the world will be getting their road and air licence.
This flying car is from Holland.
The company concern has already accepted 90 orders.
The company had already used up more than US$300 million for R&D.

Now people with money is not going to buy Malaysia So Called Flying car when only RM2 million is spent on R&D.
Malaysia So Called Flying car cannot fly.  It is only good in paper and belong to the rubbish bin.
Malaysia is known as the Nation that knows how to waste money and the least professional work done.
Be it in construction, running a University or doing any kind of business, it is always a failure.

Take Mahathir's children as an example,  162 companies under their wings can fail if there is no support and funding from the old man using our money.  When Mahathir was the 4th Prime Minister, the sons had 200 companies.  The minute Mahathir steps down, all the companies collapsed.  Since 10th May 2018, 162 companies were transferred to the sons.  How long will these companies last?  I can predict these companies will die before the end of 2019.

If as a Malaysian I cannot trust the work of our Leaders in PH Government, do you think the world will want to even smell our Flying Car that will be known as the most expensive toy car for a rich man's son.

Malaysia will be buying drone against Terrorists this year.  Mahathir had given instructions to give the deal to DRB Hicom because Mokhzani Mahathir is the major shareholder.  The mark up is above 800% from the actual price. So you see this kind of deal is Mahathir signature mark and Najib and Rosmah perfected it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Prime Minister's job is never finish

As a mother, I know my duty is never finish till the day I die.
Even though my 2 girls and a son have abandoned me, they will never know my feeling as a mother.
Others can take over my duty but the care and love differ in many aspect.
So too the duty of the Prime Minister of any nation.
The job can never finish as planned.
Whatever hope and wish can vanish within a second.
Mahathir had used crude method to silence his opponent like Anwar but in the end, things will turn out differently.
As a come back Prime Minister, Mahathir had only succeed in kicking out Najib but still depend on the warlords in UMNO to run the nation and to steal further.
Since May 9 2018 till today more than RM500 billion has left Malaysia.
Investors have all left.
People are no longer stupid and foolish to know the direction Mahathir is taking Malaysia to.
Harapan Fund RM200 million donated by Rakyat has vanished into thin air.
GLC RM500 million donation to the Harapan Fund has vanished into thin air.
Money, Bags, Shoes, Sunglasses, Bra, Panties, Gold Bars and Jewellery confiscated at Pavilion valued at RM1.1 billion is now only RM700 million, RM400 million vanished into thin air.
1 MDB Money returned from USA RM828 million vanished into thin air.
1 MDB Money returned from Singapore RM108 million vanished into thin air.
All the vanished money has disappeared into private pockets.
No bank interest, No sight, No sound, No murmur, No outcry, No protest.


The total items seized from residences related to Datuk Seri Najib Razak in May over a probe into 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) have been valued at around RM1.1 billion. Pix by Zulfadhli Zulkifli

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Inderpan Singh Dhillon a.k.a Indi Dhillon

Corruption now a thing of the past in Malaysia, says Mahathir.
Image result for IMAGES OF MAHATHIR

KUALA LUMPUR: Corruption in Malaysia has become a thing of the past following the change in government, said Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

In an interview with television station Astro Awani broadcast live on Sunday (Oct 21), he said people no longer talked about having to pay bribes when dealing with government officials.

“We don’t hear about corruption anymore. People can deal with the government without having to pay bribes.

"And if we go abroad, no one asks us what's going on in our country anymore. This is because when we replaced the (previous) government we also curbed corruption," he said.

Dr Mahathir won the country's general election in May on promises of fighting corruption and reforming institutions. He has blamed the previous administration of Najib Razak for taking the country into heavy debt, including that of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) state fund, which is the subject of corruption and money laundering investigations in Malaysia and other countries.

Dr Mahathir said in the interview that the government's efforts at combating corruption have been successful.

“Corruption is almost no more as there is a fear of the law. This is a major success .... we don’t get government officers looking to make profits through corruption.”

He said the government's administrative machinery was now free from officials who were found to have failed to perform the tasks entrusted upon them, and instead, reaped profits for themselves.

"We've got rid of these people and if we find that there are criminal elements then action will be taken against them," he said.

He noted that the government needed to ensure that strong evidence was obtained before bringing any corruption case involving politicians or non-politicians to court.

"If we want to prosecute everybody all at once, it won’t be possible, because each case must be investigated so that we have clear evidence that the court can accept. That’s why we focus on the (important) cases first and the rest will follow when we get enough information and evidence."

Source: Bernama/CNA/ic(cy)

Will Anuar Musa now give 2 million licences to the jobless?

Penjaja sujud syukur lepas terima lesen