Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mahathir screws Anwar's family over and over again

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Fact of the matter Azmin Ali and Mahathir are screwing Nurul, Kak Wan and Anwar at the same.
Mahathir has never kept his promises to the Rakyat or Anwar and his family.
Every move Mahathir has make so far is against Anwar and Family.

Nurul may be brave and sad in the eyes of the Rakyat but Mahathir and Azmin Ali are jumping up and down with joy that they have finally got rid of the thorn in Anwar's family.

People like Mahathir and Azmin Ali has not tasted the real pain of Karma and it will not be long.

May the Rakyat continue to pray that Mahathir and Azmin Ali get to taste the fruit of their cruelty soon.

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