Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mahathir building his own monument

Within 60 days Kedah will be given to PAS and Perak to UMNO.

Mahathir has been doing backdoor trading to out beat Anwar in becoming the next Prime Minister.
Muhyiddin has been threatened or rather blackmail to relinquish his post as President of PPBM.

Expect a reshuffle soon.
During the recent meeting between Mahathir and Hadi (PAS) followed up by Daim in secret, it was agreed that the new airport will be build and name Tun Mahathir using the stolen funds (Mahathir and Daim during UMNO era) that was brought back to Malaysia last month in exchange Mukhriz will be name as the next Governor of Penang and PAS take over Kedah even though the Sultan of Kedah has repeatedly wanted someone else as the Menteri Besar instead of Mukhriz.  To put the Sultan of Kedah in a corner Mahathir is willing to give up Kedah to PAS.

Meanwhile PAS people will continue their business of logging in Kedah.

Image result for images of airport

In plain simple english, Mahathir has turned traitor not only to the Sultan of Kedah but to all Malaysians.

The so-called next National car will be manufacture in Perak.  Again we have to thank the Sultan of Perak for being gracious to Mahathir and UMNO.  Fund is from the stolen fund.  What does UMNO get in return?  Sharing APs and Toll concession with Mahathir, Daim and Sultan of Perak.

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With Sabah and Sarawak in his hands, Mahathir can afford to give Kedah and Perak away.

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