Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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With the help of a Thai Facilitator from PTT Public Company Limited, Mokhzani Mahathir has put out US$100 million personal saving to start Blockchain in Malaysia. I wonder when Mokhzani started saving………  

The aim of Blockchain is to replace Malaysian Ringgit within 48 months.  But due to the increase demand for Anwar to be MP by this year, the date for change has shorten to before the end of 2019.

It is Mahathir’s and Daim’s dream to have full control of our money without foreign interference and have permanent ownership of this country.

First, billions have been laundered out by Najib and his people.

Second, the old ringgit taken out during Mahathir’s first era cannot be brought back.

Third, to print new notes we need to show our reserve.

Fourth, friendly parties within PH can be controlled, since fund must go through Blockchain and Daim’s banks.

Fifth, Sultan and Agong are at the mercy of Mokhzani and Daim who decides how much value their points will be.  Sultans can be threatened to abolish themselves.

Sixth, Malaysia will be the first in SEA to be a Cryptocurrency Nation.

So cryptocurrency is the answer.

Since Mahathir is now the Prime Minister and Mokhzani owns Blockchain, Heaven just granted Mahathir’s wish.

Mahathir, Daim and Genting Group are negotiating with Japan to open a Casino and in return gets Cryptocurrency Credit.

Mahathir, Daim and Robert Kuok are negotiating with China to do business in Cryptocurrency.

Mahathir and Daim are negotiating to borrow from Brunei in Cryptocurrency.

Mahathir and Daim are negotiating with Thailand and Indonesia to trade in Cryptocurrency.

Mahathir and Daim are now negotiating with BN MPs, Sarawak, Sabah and Amanah MPs to go into Block Chain while Azmin Ali has already got more than 800 PKR members involved.

Meanwhile MBI, Luno etc are forced to take up Blockchain’s offer to share their business, otherwise money confiscated will not be given back and worse they will be shut down for good.

All banks will be told to consolidate to favour Daim’s bank. Meanwhile Robert Kuok is training Daim’s second son to take over the banking in Malaysia.

In return for being a Cryptocurrency puppy to Mahathir and Daim, Azmin Ali is make the Economic Minister and Prime Minister in waiting.

LGE is just an arse hole Finance Minister whose job is to check the balance of accounts in Putrajaya.

Once Anwar becomes an MP, he and Kak Wan will be purge as they will be a big threat to Mahathir and Daim becoming sole ownership of Malaysia and our money forever.

But.................there is always a but..............BIS must give permission for Malaysia to use Cryptocurrency. 

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