Friday, July 20, 2018

Challenge to PH Government for SST Forum

Malaysians are no longer stupid.
I believe it is time Malaysians should be given the right to a proper hearing before the implementation of SST.
Malaysians cannot continue to be ignored.
We voted for a better governing and we expect it.
From a collection of RM40 billion per year taxes to RM21 billion per year expected is not only unbelievable but no logic to it.
How then will the government find the balance RM19 billion to service the country?
Also under SST, cronies like Vincent Tan etc pays only 30% of their profit for taxation.
Malays, Indonesian and Bangla business will not pay a single sen tax.
So only a minority of the working class pay their due taxes.
Why must the minority take the burden?

Image result for images of gst vs sst

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