Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mustapa Mohamed coming back as Minister of International Trade and Industry

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Mustapa and his associates have been invited to join Pribumi.
In return Mustapa will be named as Minister of International Trade and Industry.
I am okay with Mustapa BUT Mahathir seems to want the old foxes from UMNO to join Pribumi.
UMNO is the reason why Rakyat have come out in full force to vote them out.
Now red carpets are spread out to welcome UMNO members.
Is Pribumi not capable of recruiting new member from 34 millions citizens?
I still believe there are many in PH who should be given a chance to come up instead of giving UMNO members a second chance to continue with their dirty old ways.
My other concern is why must Mustapa associates be given advisory posts in the same Ministry and Prime Minister's Department?
Like all Malaysians we demand for new faces and fresh blood not people from UMNO AGAIN.

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