Thursday, May 17, 2018

Muhamad Lukman Samsudin from Bank Rakyat

Today is the start of Puasa.
I have always said that what I write is under oath to Allah during the fasting period.
My karma will be greater.
As a Muslim woman there is no justice in Malaysia version of Islam when a wrong cannot be corrected.
What happened to me, should never be repeated to any mother in the world.
One sacrifice so much to bring a life to this world and in return got rejected, mocked, shamed and disrespected in public by the same life.
Some said my daughter Arniza got charmed by bomoh, jampi etc.
To those who knows Arniza, do look at her eyes when you talk to her.
If she avoids contact means she is indeed caught in the black magic circle that is practice among the kampung folks.
My ex husband, Lukman and his family are supporters of Bomoh.
So am I surprise if somethings were done to my daughter Arniza?
Not at all.
What Lukman has done is typical of the Malays.  It is the environment and parenting that made them like that.

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