Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kedah will have a new Menteri Besar

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When one repeatedly put a silver spoon fed donkey as Menteri Besar, it is like telling the Rakyat to go back to their old ways.

This GE14 is about change.  The change not only for a few states but as a whole nation.  It takes courage and the Malays did it.

Population in Malaysia stands at 34 million.
75% are considered Bumiputra cum Malays
12% Chinese
6%   Bangla
4%   Indians
3%   Others

Mahathir may be a World Class Leader but that does not mean his children carry the same DNA.

Kedahan loathe Mukhriz when he utter the words I AM BACK.

This is not the first time Mukhriz was the Menteri Besar of Kedah but second and already people can see the same old silver spoon fed donkey has not changed. At age 54, this donkey will remain the same as he is used to living without a brain.  Mukhriz need his father Mahathir and Daim to tell him what to do.  Mukhriz has not learnt his previous lessons well.  Today he still surrounds himself to people who lick his backside with wide open mouths.

Is it the fate of Kedahah to have such a rascal again?

Some people think the Sultan of Kedah love Mukhriz more than its people.

I am of the opinion that if nothing is done to remove Mukhriz as Menteri Besar then do not blame UMNO, the Malays and the rest of the Rakyat when the changes take place soon.

Be prepare for PAS to take over once again.

Mahathir and Daim should understand the sentiment of Kedahan instead of securing their children's future.

Name me one kid of Mahathir and Daim who are not spoon fed.

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