Thursday, May 31, 2018

I am now branded a Bad Monster Mother

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My youngest daughter Arliza today said that my recent divorce and my eldest daughter getting married without informing me was due to my fault of being a bad mother so that is my karma.

Arliza worship my ex-husband and her sister because they spoil and give in to her whim and fancy.

Me, I am the monster who tells her not to sleep too much, demands that she helps out with housework, take in the clothes, wash the plates, sit down like a lady and not like a trishaw puller, reminding her all the time not to come back late from any outings. For someone who stays in UM, I am supposed to keep a room just for her as all her friends have their own room.  Her friends’ mothers give them pocket money, a car to use, buy them latest phone, no need to do house work, mother never nag or scold etc.  Arliza always compare me to her friends’ mother.

Recently Arliza complaint I don’t even know her favourite food.  Arliza forgets that even if I cook her favourite she does not eat them because she has a habit of eating outside food.  To her my food is not up to her standard as my vegetables are home grown and chicken are reared by me.

To Arliza, I do nothing at home and should go out to work instead.

Today, children are indoctrinated with materialistic value, selfishness and disrespect for their parents.  Even though my children are taught to help out around the house most of them do not do it once they go to University. We were once a close knitted family but then things began to change when the different socialization practices by peers and friends have more influence on them.  Hence I am mocked as a monster kafir mother.

Arliza, I would like to know who gave birth and took care of you for 23 years.  Did you know when I was physically sick of being mother and father even though I had a husband then?  Did you know how I felt when I was blamed for your so called father’s heart attack and had to close the restaurant business? Have you ever asked me how I spent my day?  Have you bothered to ask why I had stopped buying Raya clothes for myself for the past 10 years? Did you know I had spine problem for 33 years? Do you know what kind of food I love to eat?  You have the luxury of driving a car and a friend to drive you around.  Me I only got the public transport. Does the house auto clean by itself?  I can go on and on and your answer will be the same.  


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