Monday, May 21, 2018

Generation Y vs School Education

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Life is about learning new things daily.  One should stay alert to our surrounding to the changes within.

At the age of 62 years old, I learnt that there are various types of Education.  Like most people the meaning of Education means going to school and passing all the exams to gain employment.

UMNO controlled the people by using Religion as an Education.

Daim and Mahathir now believe that guiding the Rakyat through proper Education combine with Religion then people will use their brain to think and develop this nation.

To me, I was brought up the manners of my time and an English education.  Life was straight forward and honest then.

Today having raised five children in the same manner I was brought up, I learnt a bitter lesson from my self-centred youngest son Amsyar and non-existence daughter Arniza.

Amsyar since started work till today has never given me any allowance or pocket money even though he earns between RM8,000 – RM9,000 per month. His reasoning is – I have never paid for his University Education so why do I need to receive his working money. It is unbelievable that Amsyar forgot I gave birth to him, I fed him, I washed his butt when he poops, I was his driver, his tuition teacher, plainly put I was his full time servant. To Amsyar my duty as his mother ended the minute he earned his first salary. Somewhere along the line a mistake must have been make because his 2 eldest brothers have always make an effort to give me pocket money each month, we eat and chat quite often and my birthday is not forgotten.  Their action though small makes me happy to be their mum. To Amsyar having dinner or to celebrate my birthday is like asking him to give me half his liver.

My non-existence highly educated daughter Arniza thinks that I should be her mother in name only and should remain dead till I am needed.  Arniza turned 360 degree from being a humble loving girl to a deceiving person. To Arniza it is a burden to have a meal once a week with me and to spend time is like living in hell at home.  Her home is just for sleeping purpose.

Going to school and University is just an education that one goes through to get employment.

Showing compassion, love and care for everyone especially parents are taught at home yet can be unlearned through an environment of ill mannered, self-centred and materialistic society.  This is the Generation Y society today.

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