Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Truth behind the attack on Robert Kuok

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Chinese New Year has been very interesting this year especially in the mad political scene in Malaysia.

Malaysian Chinese by nature got TIDAK APA ATTITUDE when it comes to their brotherhood being bashed right, left and center by other races.  But when Raja Petra, Najib and Nazri attacked Robert Kuok whom the Chinese regarded as the World Class Businessman in our time, the Chinese community and China united as one to defend the innocent victim.

Yes, not many people realized that China sent a strong protest letter to Najib.  In other word, Najib was scolded for being stupid.

So what is the story behind this recent personal attack on Robert Kuok.

Last year many Businessmen have been told to donate a particular amount according to their status for GE14.  The sum ranges from RM5 million to RM100 million.  Naza coughed up around RM10 million. Air Asia RM30 million, Genting RM50 million, Berjaya RM60 million etc…..Robert Kuok was told to donate RM100 million.

According to rumour Robert Kuok donated over RM60 million plus he helped Najib secure meetings with President Xi and arranged for Rosmah and the children to invest in China.  Yes, Rosmah even got her hands into China market.

So Najib being a shy person got some people to help collect the balance RM40 million from Robert Kuok in exchange for a RM20 million commission.

Given RM20 million is a lot today to those who are on the verge of being declared bankrupt, those seeking to launch their children political career and those seeking pension since they are going to lose in this coming GE14.

If one were to follow the many attack against DAP in Penang since last year, one would notice that something is seriously up.

MACC should be considered a major player in this coming GE14 since their main task is to attack DAP in Penang. 

Five Malay Players and certain Royal Household are planning to overtake Penang from DAP and put a Malay from Gerakan as CM this coming GE14.  These people needed at least RM60 million to buy Gerakan and Malays in Penang. Daim was particularly forced to donate RM2 million into this group. Vincent Tan donated RM5 million.

These people are looking and dreaming about that RM20 million commission to solve their problems by March 2018. 

But Robert Kuok is nobody's fool.

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