Friday, March 30, 2018

Character Assassinator in Facebook

I meet many types of character in facebook but one most outstanding one is a bipolar woman by the name of Susan Suan.

She characterizes every Admin who are Male in Facebook as shady, sissy, pondan, cheat or womanizer.

Before our meeting in March 2016, she already assumed the men coming were of low class character beneath her.

Being a pro character assassinator she warmly embraces each and every one she meets and assassinates them one by one within seconds.

Since then I have noticed and heard of her evil ways to those whom she had befriended and taken pictures with.

At the first meeting she would target one person when he or she leaves for the bathroom and carries on her mission to destroy through her Whatsapp chat.

At the time of our first meeting she already claimed she runs a tuition center and trying her hand at MLM business while her husband is a contractor with Putrajaya.

Her first target was one of the Admin in Malaysia Gardeners who happens to be a male.  Before the Admin revealed himself, she already claimed he is a Pondan and an Indian with moral intention.  For these reason Susan Suan claimed to have started Plants and Garden. Again she caused havoc in this group.  Being bipolar she can easily escaped from being named as the assassinator.

To all members of PGM, many times we the admins and moderators have informed that our site is to treated as a safe place for all to share our gardening experience. This is suppose to be our safe heaven, our refuge that gives us the “happiness” that comes from either knowledge or plant sharing while respecting others as equal in all manner. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, no one is above another. So here I am in shock after reading Siew Fun’s comment below until all I can think of is to stand up for all those that has been victimised by these spiteful individuals by reporting them to Facebook because if I don’t, it gives the impression that we at PGM endorses cyber bullying.
So this is what I want you to do. If you have been a victim of Alina, Cecilia or others while on PGM, please screen shot the communication that went on to send to me via messenger to be used as proof of what had taken place. I hate bullying of any form and I’m sure everyone agrees with me that these people shouldn’t be allowed to continue on with their sadistic ways on social media.
In this group, Zenith might be the founder, Junie, I and others might be the admins and moderators but, if we do anything wrong, you are free to report us.
On behalf of Zenith, admins and moderators, please help us to cleanse our “HOME” by getting rid of these vermin once and for all because it is my sincere wish to put this nasty incident behind us and move on. We can’t do it without your help because these ppl never had the guts to have a go at any of the admins hence they blocked us.
Dear Siew Fun, apologised that I didn’t inform you before hand that I’m using your post as reminder to others of what members SHOULD NOT experience. Just blew my mind that inconsiderate people can use a gardening site as a form of cyber bully. Please accept our apologise for what you had gone through and feel free to bring up to our attention if such thing ever happen again.
To any informants of the nasty vermin, please scurry away to relay this info to your highness. I’m planning to be home one of these days and if you are smart enough, you wouldn’t want to face me in person. Stop trying to bully the members of PGM. Thank you.
In another group Beli Nothing Project Susan Suan already branded the male Admin as a Sissy.  When I warned the Admin about what happened to me, he decided to block me instead of investigating.

Hi Tarence, It is good you gave warning at BNP. I just want to warn you about Susan Suan. When I first started Senior Citizen Voice, Susan was very, very friendly. Later when I refused to join her MLM Young Living, she bad mouth my group and pulled out some members. Everytime I organise events she would sabotage it. Today is an event organized a month ago, yesterday I was told not to attend because Susan Suan did not like me. I pray you will not allow her to control or advice your BNP and destroy it. In Malaysia Gardeners she had done the same. Take care.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Truth behind the attack on Robert Kuok

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Chinese New Year has been very interesting this year especially in the mad political scene in Malaysia.

Malaysian Chinese by nature got TIDAK APA ATTITUDE when it comes to their brotherhood being bashed right, left and center by other races.  But when Raja Petra, Najib and Nazri attacked Robert Kuok whom the Chinese regarded as the World Class Businessman in our time, the Chinese community and China united as one to defend the innocent victim.

Yes, not many people realized that China sent a strong protest letter to Najib.  In other word, Najib was scolded for being stupid.

So what is the story behind this recent personal attack on Robert Kuok.

Last year many Businessmen have been told to donate a particular amount according to their status for GE14.  The sum ranges from RM5 million to RM100 million.  Naza coughed up around RM10 million. Air Asia RM30 million, Genting RM50 million, Berjaya RM60 million etc…..Robert Kuok was told to donate RM100 million.

According to rumour Robert Kuok donated over RM60 million plus he helped Najib secure meetings with President Xi and arranged for Rosmah and the children to invest in China.  Yes, Rosmah even got her hands into China market.

So Najib being a shy person got some people to help collect the balance RM40 million from Robert Kuok in exchange for a RM20 million commission.

Given RM20 million is a lot today to those who are on the verge of being declared bankrupt, those seeking to launch their children political career and those seeking pension since they are going to lose in this coming GE14.

If one were to follow the many attack against DAP in Penang since last year, one would notice that something is seriously up.

MACC should be considered a major player in this coming GE14 since their main task is to attack DAP in Penang. 

Five Malay Players and certain Royal Household are planning to overtake Penang from DAP and put a Malay from Gerakan as CM this coming GE14.  These people needed at least RM60 million to buy Gerakan and Malays in Penang. Daim was particularly forced to donate RM2 million into this group. Vincent Tan donated RM5 million.

These people are looking and dreaming about that RM20 million commission to solve their problems by March 2018. 

But Robert Kuok is nobody's fool.

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