Thursday, December 28, 2017

Throwing away the TRASH to start New Year

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I can be fiercely loyal and true to people around me if I am given the respect and understanding.

As a wife and mother, I also protect my family the same way.  Protecting them is my main priority. Unless and until someone turn against me, then I readily cut off the ties.

I believe that when a spouse walks out from the house, he or she has already cut off that family ties.  There is no turning back in that marriage unless the spouse left behind is so desperate for the other half because of sex or money.

In the case of my sister-in-law, her husband walked out from the marriage to spend more time with the second wife.  To maintain her ego and self-esteem my sister-in-law remained faithful to the marriage.  Every now and then when the husband wants money or free fuck, he drops by.  This is very sad and disgusting.

Since then I have told myself that I will never allow that to happen to me.

My husband walked out from the house on 1st November 2017.  Making that move takes gut and I admire him for that and I acknowledge that as sign for a divorce.

But to him that is only a separation while enjoying a different life style. To him and his religion after two years of separation then a divorce is automatic and meanwhile he is not oblige to give maintenance to the one left behind.

Now that I am asking for alimony and to stop him from making decision to my daughters’ marriage and future he threatens to file for divorce tomorrow.

Aiyoh after more than 33 years of marriage my husband thinks he can simply threaten me with a paper divorce.  To me I have acknowledge that HE ALREADY DIVORCE ME ON 1ST NOVEMBER 2017.

This is one of the biggest joke in my married life.

For more than 33 years not once have I celebrated my wedding anniversary neither has my husband remembered my birthday.

I am the one who make sure everyone in the family remember and celebrate all the birthdays.

For Raya it is always back to his kampung for celebration even after his parents’ death, balik kampung is a must.  My husband does not see the need to have our own Raya celebration in Kuala Lumpur even though this is my home town.  To him his siblings are more important than his own wife and family.

When my family was in bad shape, I went on bended knee to beg for a project from Tun Daim and got it, my husband then let it be stolen by his friend Zamlah who became INSTANT MILLIONAIRE. Because of Zamlah’s action, I got blamed for my husband’s heart attack and had to close my business in Penang to come back to Kuala Lumpur to be with him.

In Kuala Lumpur the business here took a down turn because my children and husband who were entrusted to look after it were not interested.  The operation time were at their mercy.  Customers were at loss when it is actually open for business.  When I came back I could no longer carry on and had to close the business.

Since then I had no income to put food on the table nor pay for utilities etc.

To make matter worse Tun Daim told his daughter Ida to transfer my houses to her company Sri Kandi.  Since then till today Tun Daim refused to give me an answer why he stole my houses nor does he wish to return them.  When a billionaire can steal openly from the poor, shows Malaysia is already a doom nation.

Back to the trash in my life whom I constantly propose to do something small like selling nasi lemak or kuih were met with no interest. My ex thinks God will put food on the table for his family.

My ex-husband’s daily routine and belief are - to pray five times a day at the surau or mosque without a miss.  All his three meals are taken care of by his kakis from surau or mosque. When he is home, his Korean drama will be on.  The only thing I could rely on him is to take in the clothes if it rain.  Other than that is a big hassle to his well-being.  He only talks to his children and will do anything they ask.  Every time I open my mouth to say or ask something, my ex-husband would brush me off and sometimes the things on the table would go flying. To my ex, I am capable of finding ways to put food on the table, repair and paint the house by myself.  Whatever else I cannot do, I will have to find ways and mean to get it done.

In my own home I am invisible until I am needed.  My ex make me feel small, unfit and unwelcome.

It was with much relief when he left home on the 1st November 2017.  Since then I have peaceful sleep and one less to care for. As he has never provided financially for our needs, there was no burden to the family members.

Did I lose my feeling for him completely since then?  The answer is NO, until today when he threatens TO FILE FOR DIVORCE TOMORROW because I ask for alimony.


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