Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Education alone will not bring Malaysia out from corruption

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Every forum and talk, EDUCATION seems to be the only key to solving our corruption and going no-where nation.

It is true today students in schools, universities and generation Y have accepted CORRUPTION as part of living as Malaysian.  This is because we have the biggest and most corrupted man as PM and a wife who is not only corrupted but a murderer too.

There is talk that if a good quality education system is in place, then there is no need to have Chinese, Tamil or International Schools.  Solution solve – united as one to fight corruption.  But no one suggested to get rid of the Religious schools, why because there is still a need to brain wash the Melayu.

To me Education alone cannot solve corruption.

The people need to be united as one.  To do that we need to get rid of religion and race that is flooding this nation.

Today everything is done in the name of Allah and UMNO cum Islamic Freak is the ONLY COMMAND that Malaysians must obey.

Once no one race and religion can over-ride others then with a good Education system CORRUPTION CAN BE KILL.

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