Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Where is Jason Lo of Tune Talk Sdn Bhd?

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It has been more than three months since T___T__k staff and personnel had seen their CEO in the office. Many were  in a daze by the sudden disappearance of their CEO. The CEO of T___T__k,  J was handpicked by Tony back in the early days seemed to be an appropriate choice, but not until recently.

The recent article published by The Box which allegedly mentioned about J being detained in Dubai for drugs opens up a Pandora's box. While media blackout practices in Malaysia are performed regularly to protect the top echelon leaders in this country, many have expressed disappointment on the truth behind corruption and abuse of power to save selected or preferred individuals.

In the land  where sex videos, scandals and drugs make the headlines, Malaysia has been blessed by a rather harmonious balance of the spiritual and the religious.  The relationship between J and a political leader goes way back to high school days in Singapore – ranging from good times together, private parties and other heart beating activities that can go beyond our wild imaginations. The inner circle is small (less than five people), intentionally to be exclusive and to reduce leakages, but in a capital city which is the size of Singapore, words do get around, very rapidly.

While Tony and his wife are enjoying a good honeymoon, J's request for help may not land favorably on Tony as his reputation as the founder of Air and his influence with the corridors of power needs to be protected at all cost. Same goes for J’s buddy boy, who loves polo and white powder. The people once we call buddies or BFF may suddenly turn their back against you.

This leaves Tony very little choice but to distance himself from J and refocus his energy and effort on things like screaming about passenger service charge, lobbying governments and politicians, gifting celebrities, criticizing other airlines, demanding special treatment and continuing to fight with all sorts of aviation authorities from many countries.

And it makes the public wonder why people like AL, the Head of Communications for Air suddenly posts provocative images last week to distract the public or start rabble rousing about every other thing? Was this a deliberate deception to cover for underlying issues with Air or what Tony is currently facing before the public finds out the news about J and his relationship with Tony?

The bigger question that also may arise - is this something that Kepala Bapak has to interfere, protect in order to save another Malaysian due to drugs arrest in Dubai? In comparison, the news of actor Benji, who got detained and jailed for drugs in Indonesia kept appearing in our local news. Where is ethical journalism that we all aim for in Malaysia?

My comments :   There is no ethical journalism in Malaysia. 

This is a super connected world. Smart phones and cameras are everywhere. Blogs, FB, Twitter, Instagram  broadcast everything everywhere. You cannot keep things like this very quiet for too long.

Talk is the Dubai guys discovered other things as well that breach their laws.  
Not drugs or weapons. 
Something stored in the fellow's laptop. 
No its not homo stuff.


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