Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Men in general vs Malay men

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There is a lot to be said about men but I cannot accept how heartless and selfish Malay men are.
I helped out at a center which cater mainly for couple in distress and also have joined in conversation to those who are widowed and divorced.

Years of learning and seeing this and through my experience I have noticed Malay men are the worst. I believe these Malay men are brought up by mothers who think this world belong to men only and women are just sex and slave objects.  These mothers do not think of themselves as being equal to their partners.

Malay men in general do not care about wedding anniversary, birthdays and the word sorry but they expect others to remember them and the women is always in the wrong.

Malay men when their wives die or are separated or divorce gets hitch within 3 months to younger women. They do not moan neither do they care the feelings of their ex-spouse.  These men just want to enjoy sex with younger women.

Malay men do not think of putting bread and butter on the table but expect their spouse and God to provide. Yet when they remarry these men are so eager to lower their dignity to please the new wife. They worship the new wife like God has given them a precious diamond.  They simply forget their old marriage. These men in general do suffer in long sickness before death.

Last year someone I know passed away.  Within 3 months he got himself a younger wife.  The things he does for this wife is so different from how he treated his long gone wife of 40 years who had to endure his abuse in silence.

A man I know personally left home on 1st November 2017 claiming his wife does not pray and follow the Arab Culture of wearing the tudung.  Today he got himself an Arab Cultured girl and spend his hidden money on her lavishly when he never given his ex a single sen during their period together.  His own children never benefited from his income. He never uttered a kind word or supported his spouse when his relatives and family members make unkind remarks.

A man in general who love and care for his wife even in death do not get hitch within 3 months instead some will wait for two or more years before embarking on a new house.  Some remain faithful to their wife till death comes knocking.

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