Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Malaysian Muslim living in a duel world

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I am ashamed to be a Malaysian Muslim. 

Why do I say this?

I am going to be 62 years old and I am not proud to be a Muslim today, a religion I chose to embrace 41 years ago.

The Islam I know then was a beautiful religion which embraces other races and religion with open arms.  We were a close community of people who accepted each other’s culture and differences.
Today every damn thing is about giving in to the Muslim cultivated by PAS, Islamic Freaks and UMNO supremacy.  Islam in Malaysia is NOT THE TRUE RELIGION but one that is crafted to suit the corrupted and murderers running the UMNO Government and those sitting pretty inside the Royal Household.

Today families are being destroyed by Malaysian Islam and mentally sick politicians.

Today our lives are being controlled by Malaysian Islam and mentally sick politicians who claimed they are chosen by Allah because of their sacrifices.  BULL SHIT.

Today this nation is run by Non Malays who claimed they are MALAYS.  In fact they are foreigners who were given a chance to live here.  These Malays should have been shot dead but by the grace of the real Malays who are humble human beings, these pariahs are allowed the freedom to destroy this nation.

I can only pray that through a miracle a bomb lands in Putrajaya and kill all these pariahs within a second.

Malaysians are systematic taught in schools, universities, working place and place of worship to destroy each other belief and way of life.  Malaysians today are no longer free to think, act and live peacefully.

Today we are divided into two class.  Those who support UMNO are untouchable and are chosen by God vs those who are not with UMNO, have no right and are haram.

In the recent flood in Penang and Kedah it was a pathetic sight when Muslim who were affected refused to accept food and clothing from Non Muslim organisations claiming Non Halal and dirty. Yet when it comes to money, they rushed like wild pigs to grab.  In time of disaster these Muslim can be arrogant and foolish.  

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