Monday, September 25, 2017

Humans no longer live in Malaysia

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There are many Malaysians who have given up on being Human.
Greed and Lies are becoming the Norm.
Malaysians are full of DEPRAVITY AND SLANDER.

The first impression when one comes into power is his ego, follow by action taken.
With years of abusive, torturing environment and dangerous living, one should have learnt the lesson of life, instead, when one reaches the top one forgets every lessons learnt and experience.  ONE BECOMES GOD IN AN INSTANT.

It is sad after having a thug as IGP, we now have an IGP who has no confidence in his own men to look after this country.  Or has the damage done by the former IGP so great that PDRM no longer have good men to work with.

Today PDRM has turned into Moral Police who are more interested in what we do with our life instead of catching criminals like Najib Tun Razak, Rosmah Mansor, UMNO family members etc.

PDRM today are more interested in re-selling confiscated Drugs and Ketum to enrich themselves.

There used to be harmony and peace in Malaysia.
We do what we like, we have the freedom to choose what to wear, who to friend, what to attend as long as we do not hurt or kill another.
Everyone benefitted from their own hands.
Respect were equal.
Today we are forced to accept other people’s belief.
Today PDRM, DBKL, Immigration, PAS, Islamic Freak, PM, DPM and whatever NGOs want to be GOD.

We no longer have the freedom to breathe.

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