Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gerakan's source of income to run TN50 and buy Penang

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From Malay Mafia to UMNO to Gerakan, DAP is bombarded daily since the latter took over the running of Penang.

Since DAP became the State Government of Penang, many achievement and development can be seen.  The people lives have improved so did their income.

Events that are held there can easily generate sales per period up to RM220 million., which Kuala Lumpur being the capital of Malaysia cannot do.  Hotels are fully books, transport and roads are jammed up, food are sold out at any event in Penang. Tourism is at the highest in Penang with or without GST. GST does not matter in Penang.

Things became better than in the days of Gerakan. Most Penang residents are happy with the present State Government.

So why are there so many attack from outsiders and Gerakan which is also a so-called Chinese Party?

The answer lies with GE14 which must be held this year or Najib will die a very painful death in a foreign country.

Today, ROS is misusing its authority since it failed to do its job back in 2013. The law is on DAP side but the judges are NOT. That is why certain people are having their retirement extended to another two to three years. Petition to Agong is fruitless since the power lies in Rosmah's hand.

GE 13 came and now almost due for GE14, ROS and Zahid want or should it be say demand for DAP to hold a fresh elections for its central executive committee. 

But first let us look at how Gerakan survived its bankruptcy due to non collection of commission and bribery since losing Penang to DAP. While China refused to do business with the arrogant Gerakan mentality.

2017 is a very good year for Gerakan members in Penang because every single members there has become a millionaire. While at least 30% from other states are today in the month of July 2017 have also joined the millionaire club.

What is the secret behind Gerakan success at being millionaire after being rejected by Penang people?

Is it because they are fantastic business managers or do they have inside dealings in the stock market?
The answer is none of the above.

Gerakan success comes from MONEY GAME.

Since losing their power in Penang, Gerakan members started the Money Game in Penang in 2009 to survive.

The founder members for MBI are from the party Gerakan.  Members who became millionaire from MBI started other Money Game like JJPTR etc.  Today there are at least 8 money game operations in Penang alone run by Gerakan members.

Today Gerakan no longer need to beg from UMNO instead the role has changed.

TN50 survival depends on millions to run monthly since it is base on getting people to vote for BN in the coming election and UMNO has no free money to give.

So when the authorities took action on Money Game Operators in Penang to confiscate the money for GE14, Gerakan went to see Najib to support TN50 and convince the latter that their membership from Money Game can easily take over Penang from DAP.

Today Gerakan can afford to buy Penang but will the people allow themselves to be sold like the Malays. 

To those with green eyes hoping that the authorities will take action against Money Game Operators in Penang can wait till Kingdom come. Whether the present Government remain or Opposition takes over, NO ONE CAN TAKE ACTION AGAINST Gerakan, JJPTR OR MBI, BECAUSE ALL FUNDS HAVE BEEN CHANNELED INTO MBI BANK.  PLUS JACK MA AND MBI HAVE SIGNED AN AGREEMENT FOR JOINT OPERATION ON MMALL PENANG.




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