Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rob the Rakyat to cover 1MDB

Image result for images of robbing peter to pay paul
For 4 days straight there is news MACC and PDRM are finally doing their job.  Money game, bribery and false claims.
But are they really working to stop these criminal act?
The truth behind is actually not what it is.
Let us go back to recent big scandal such as Sabah WaterGate.Image result for images of sabah scandal involve water
The case is already CLOSE.
So where are the goodies?
The man above has taken his share and the rest went to the Public Shit and his glutton wife.
What about the latest biggest drug busted in Penang?

For the past 20 years, drugs confiscated are sold back to the streets and the profit are shared among VVIP, MPs, PDRM, Gang Leaders and runners.  But today the money is also shared with Rosmah.
You see whatever business and side business that is profitable, Rosmah must have a big slice. The inclusion of Rosmah is an open secret since 2009.
Now back to the recent claim of JJTPR missing millions.

Image result for images of Dzulkifli Ahmad macc chiefImage result for IGP khalidImage result for images of bank negara governorImage result for images of apandi AG

Do you know that your accounts are scrutinized by the above.
The reason being, the GOVERNMENT IS BROKE and THERE IS DESPERATE NEED TO FIND MONEY for the coming GE14 and pay Government Servant their outstanding salaries.
The Public Shit and his glutton wife have been begging for money overseas and none wants to donate to them knowing it will land up into their pockets.

Who do you think are hacking people's account?

Hong Leong lost RM500 million to UMNO paid Hackers recently.  Anyone can confirm this???

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