Monday, April 17, 2017

Earn your respect

2 held for offences against Johor royal family

 | April 16, 2017
The duo were found to be abusing social media, say police.
PETALING JAYA: Two persons were detained today by Johor police for offences against the Johor royal family, reported The Star today.
A 26-year-old man, who is an operations executive, allegedly made an offensive statement against the Sultan of Johor and the Johor royal institution on Facebook.
A 40-year-old woman, who works as a factory operator, allegedly created a fake Facebook account to impersonate Johor royalty.
According to The Star report, Johor police opened two investigation papers to track down the suspects after police reports were lodged against the two individuals.
In a statement today, Johor police chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd said Johor police would not compromise and would take appropriate action against any individual found misusing the social media.
“Individuals found to be abusing social media will be tracked down and prosecuted in a court of law,” said Wan Ahmad.
He advised social media users to respect the sensitivities of others and preserve the harmonious multiracial society of the country.
Time and again I have said that public figure who do not behave should commit suicide instead of making use of PDRM and private squad to force people to respect you.
Why do people complain and insult Royal Household?  Answer must come from the affected Royal House. Be honest with your answer.
Respect and loyalty must be earn not force upon the Rakyat.
Even though I am sad that Malaysia has been sold off to China but am glad that it will be the Communist Government that will teach our Royal Household and corrupted Politicians and Muslim Freak the biggest karma lesson in the history of Malaysia.
Eat your heart out THE UNTOUCHABLE ONES.

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