Friday, March 17, 2017

Red Alert on Motorbike PLX2476

PENANG: An Old Uncle Who Was Having High Blood Pressure Gets Punched By A Motorcyclist!!!

By themixblood

OMG…why does these things keep happening in Malaysia??!!
On March 15, an elderly man was punched in the face til his nose bleed profusely all because he had to abruptly stop his car in the middle of the road.
Now before you go and full on blast on the uncle, please know that he is a high blood pressure patient and the only reason why he stopped his car was because he was feeling unwell as his hands were shaking aggressively.
Special thanks to SAYS for translating the whole incident that was shared by Poh Poh Tan on her Facebook.
In her post, she mentioned that while she was on her way back she noticed a car had stopped in the middle of the road and she did not think too much of it since it was normal for cars to breakdown. At the same time, there was a motorbike that kept weaving in and out of traffic and they did not notice the uncle’s car and rammed right into it.
Not only were they recklessly riding their bikes, there were also 3 grown up men riding on a single bike! Is this even legal???!!! Then according to Tan, one of them got down off the bike and approached the uncle who was still seated in his car and started screaming at him.
This man who was clearly unsatisfied with the whole incident even had the guts to pull the old man out of his car and dragged him out to the middle of the road. Not only he was being rude, he also ended up punching the uncle’s face!
Tan who saw all this happening in front of her, quickly stopped the car and went to assist the poor old man. In total disregard of what had he (the motorcyclist) done, he still further demanded compensation for damaging his ride.
Knowing that this man had completely lost his senses, Tan ignored them and quickly pulled the uncle to the side and as she got into the car, the man took off his helmet and smashed it on Tan’s car windscreen.
Two other passersby who noticed the whole commotion came up and helped control the whole dramatic scene. This gave Tan the time she needed to ‘load’ the uncle into her car and drive away.
It was later known that the uncle had high blood pressure and wasn’t able to drive cause his hands were too shaky. Tan also said that the uncle had his nose stitched up and is expected to recover smoothly.
Thank you, Tan and the other two civilised citizens that helped the uncle. You all are the gems that Malaysia needs! And for those 3 who were on that bike, I hope they will get their justice. Already in the wrong, still got time to show temper…pffft

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