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Send Dato Abdul Razak bin Bokharrmer former CPO of Pahang and retired director Bukit Aman to jail

Former Police Chief With ‘Datuk’ Title Still Walking Free After Mistakenly Shooting Senior Citizen

Former Police Chief With 'Datuk' Title Still Walking Free After Mistakenly Shooting Senior Citizen - World Of Buzz 2
Is it true that culprits with ‘Datuk’ titles are above the law?

Malaysian netizen, Edrio Edmond took it to social media after a man accidentally shot his uncle’s arm

“On the 11th of August 2016 afternoon, my uncle went to his garden to collect some fruits. While he was climbing to pluck some rambutan, he was shot on his right arm by an IDIOT who thinks that he saw a monkey. “First of all, it is afternoon and secondly even if it’s a monkey, why must the brainless man shoot a monkey? The man who shot my uncle is a former CPO Pahang and retired pengarah Bukit Aman (Pengurusan) and his name is Datuk Abdul Razak Bin Bokhari.”

According to the police report posted by Edmond on Facebook, his 63-year-old uncle, Lucus A/L Asirvatham climbed up a tree using a ladder to wrap the ripe fruits with paper.

Suddenly, Lucus heard a loud sound followed by a bullet hitting his arm. The bullet went through his arm clean but the sheer impact of the bullet has shattered the bone.

An un-named newspaper later reported that an elderly man who was visiting his brother-in-law nearby was said to be resting at the farm. The 63-year-old man then spotted some movement on the tree and assumed it was a monkey plucking the fruits. Without thinking twice, he fired a warning shot to scare away the monkey but was shocked when he heard a scream and saw a man falling off the tree. Lucus was immediately sent to Hospital Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh for treatment.

“I was later told that the guy who shot me was a former policeman, Abdul Razak bin Bokhari,” Lucus said in his statement.  “Due to the gun shot wound, I’ve undergone several surgeries and my arm has limited movement. The doctor told me that I will still need to undergo surgery and it will take a long time for me to recover,” added Lucus. 

Edmond also revealed that the policeman carrying the title of ‘Datuk’ was indeed the former Chief Police Officer of Pahang and a retired director at Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, Dato Abdul Razak bin Bokhari.

“My uncle had been suffering for the past 5 months but there’s still no action taken on the shooter who shot my uncle. [Can you] imagine if the bullet hit my uncle’s chest instead of his right arms?” Edward wrote. “Do you know how many types of painkiller my uncle has to take [in order] to sleep soundly? Do you know how many times my uncle can’t have a good night sleep? Until today, he is still suffering but the shooter is still at loose and not in jail,” Edward added.

All Edward requests is for some justice to be served. “No one is above the law”, that’s what the police have always been telling us through the screen. Let’s see if they practice what they preached.

Former Police Chief With 'Datuk' Title Still Walking Free After Mistakenly Shooting Senior Citizen - World Of Buzz 1

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