Saturday, January 28, 2017

One cannot change the PAST but can do so for the present

Today PAS is out for the blood of an ex Prime Minister wrongdoing but do not see the need to demand for an investigation into the criminal act of the Present Prime Minister.

PAS has given us more doubt as to why they need to protect the criminal act of Najib and Rosmah.
Today there is the internet and smart phone.  One cannot hide or burn evidences like 20 years ago. I wonder whether it is true that there are evidences to show that Hadi, MB of Kelantan and Tok Guru's son did indeed receive money from 1MDB.  When one cannot see the Elephant in front but can see the fly behind then one can only speculate the reason behind PAS demand.

If the past were to be investigated then do open the files on 4 Royalty who received RM300 million - RM1.8 billion from Najib and Rosmah.  Like all Malaysians I want to know the reasons WHY my money was given to them.  I got no job.  I got no income.  I got no car.  I got no house.  In fact I also believe my shit went to them.

We were born naked. We live under the same sky.  We eat the same food.  We drink the same water and we will turn to ash in the end.  But we are treated differently because the placing of wealth and position were unjustly given to those who don't value such gift.

My heart bleeds in sorrow for my country when the authorities like PDRM, MACC, Bank Negara, Army and Judiciary play havoc into our lives.

Criminals are let loose while innocent people are make to pay for the crime.

Today is Chinese New Year and I have a wish like most Malaysians.  The present has to be corrected for the future while the past is for us to learn from.

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