Saturday, January 28, 2017

Malays have gone Berserk again

Giant Hypermarket has denied the claim that Israeli products were being sold in its outlets.
An anti-Israel NGO — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Malaysia — recently claimed that Giant has been selling pants from an Israeli brand.
A spokesperson from Giant Hypermarket Retail, when contacted, told FMT that the pants “were actually imported from China”.
“We regret any sensitivity regarding this issue,” the spokesperson said.
A sales assistant at a Giant outlet that FMT visited said the brand was no longer for sale and would be returned to the supplier today.
BDS Malaysia’s chairman, Mohd Nazari Ismail, had recently threatened Giant with a nationwide boycott if it didn’t remove the product from its outlets.
This was not the first time that BDS Malaysia has called for a boycott over Israel-linked products sold in Malaysia.
In September last year, it urged Sime Darby to stop selling Caterpillar construction machinery and Hyundai vehicles, with the claim that equipment from both brands had been used by Israel in the demolition of Palestinian homes at the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Who are the members of BDS?  The Malays of course.
Malays today are childish and stupid.  They want everything that does not belong to them.  They want everything their ways.  They have no respect for others.  To them others are not worth living nor are they equal.  
In Malaysia, the Malays are damn lazy with an ego that stinks sky high.
If BDS is right and almighty then they truly should not be living.
BDS should forbid all sick to be given medicine.
BDS should forbid all forms of robotic, computer, Ipad, smartphone and telecommunication.
BDS should forbid all forms of ammunition and weapons.  I am sure IGP Khalid will welcome them with open arms and red carpet.
Damn the Malays.

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