Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 the year Malaysia got murdered

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Happy New Year to all.
Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, both predicted the assassination of Trump before 20th January 2017. In 20 days we will know whether the prediction is correct or not.

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Russia and China will be the new leaders to control the whole world.  Again we have to wait for 364 days to witness such happening.

What about my country Malaysia?  Both Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have predicted that Muslim will kill their own kind for their own greed. Since the mad ruling UMNO party has claimed Malaysia a Muslim country, this year will be the killing period. So will Najib and Rosmah continue to give orders for more killing?

Before one decides, one should be curious why a gift was handed to Sirul who is living happily in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre.  Yes, a certain message and gift was given as Loyalty Reward recently thanks to Najib and Rosmah.

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Najib’s son Norashman shares pictures of his Aussie trip on Instagram.
Najib’s son Norashman shares pictures of his Aussie trip on Instagram.

GE14 will be held but before the announcement of the date, many will have to die or send away.  The order to kill Mahathir Kutty was given last year but was never carried out.  Whatever the reason, the order is still good.

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Recently many parties have voice their hope and inspiration for this and that person to be Prime Minister after the Pariah Najib. The names popping out from the pop-corn machine has no value, moral and capability to take-over the Premiership.
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Dinosaurs in all political parties are holding on dear life to maintain their position without giving our future a thought.
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Today all Dinosaurs and useless dogs have to go especially the ones in UMNO, UMNO Youth and Wanita.

Malaysia can only survive if UMNO, UMNO Youth and Wanita are burnt to death.  Other parties have to get rid of old donkey ways and give way to capable young ones to save Malaysia.

Every time a person is named, everyone will kill off the person politically.  No-one wants a leader who is capable and knows how the Rakyat are living.

Everyone uses our sweat money to buy favours.

I still maintain we must change the present system of choosing a leader.
Priority should be to limit the term of Premiership to just TWO TERMS.  The chosen leader cannot hold other post.  This must be added into the Constitution.

We have seen how corrupted the leaders have become and how cruel one can get to hold onto the post.

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A mistake in cooking will only affect the taste.
A mistake in medicine will harm people.

A mistake in leadership will ruin the nation.

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