Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Malays regret forever

Life is a never ending learning experience.  One should learn from it.  When there is bad, there is good.

Those who have gone through World War 1 and 2, Japanese and Communism learnt the experience of being poor and how to overcome suffering.

The ones who make it through those kind of situation never forgot the roots of the problem.  They learnt and make the best of the situation. They remain united and at peace.

Today life is good.  One need not lift a finger and food is on the table. One go to school in cars or buses.  We live in a world of technology and money rule us.  Today folks do not know the suffering of wars, the suffering to earn RM50 a day, the suffering to feed the family.  The list goes on and on, but folks today do not care to read history to have a better understanding of life.  What can be got today is enough.  Why cause a headache and trouble to learn from past experience as if today is not enough.  Today people are divided between Money and Religion.  They do not care what happens to themselves and to their family members’ future.  As long as there is money to spend today nothing matters.

Addicts are like that.  They like to have what is today and not what is left for tomorrow.  Today happiness and joy is more important even though they know there is nothing for tomorrow.

Gamblers are also addicts.  They love the moment of winning.  The first win brings glory.  The egoism of winning grows bigger and bigger making a gambler wanting more and more.  It does not matter that there are more loses than winnings.  Addicts come in many forms.  From poor to the very rich. 

In 1984, a Malay VIP started gambling.  His loss for that year was around RM100,000.  Every year after that his losses grew bigger and bigger.  To him every game is a dream to gain back what he has lost in the previous days.  But in a game of chance, to win back one losses is 1 in 10 million. Most gamblers are abusive and hot temper when they lose. One day the Malay VIP lost RM6 million within an hour in a foreign country.  Since that was all he had, he told his secretary to get another RM6 million from the Embassy.  Meanwhile the Malay VIP took an advancement from the Casino, within two hours he lost all. The Malay VIP was gently reminder by his wife to stop for a rest and come back later to try his luck. Instead of listening to her advice the Malay VIP beat her up at the Casino table.  Everything was hushed up and the woman went to her room. When the money came through from the Embassy, the Malay VIP continue betting on the table instead of returning the loan given by the Casino.  Soon the Malay VIP lost all.  This time he had to stop gambling because the Embassy has no more money to give.  The Malay VIP told his secretary to negotiate with the Casino for a loan of RM50 million. Instead the Casino introduced a certain party to the Malay VIP.  The sum borrowed from the certain party with interest came up to RM200 million.  As history knows the Malay VIP lost.  His wife received another bashing and she was in a hospital for a month. Eventually the Malay VIP was confined in a room till the loan was returned.  The RM200 million does not belong to the Malay VIP but was taken from our EPF.  The Malay VIP promised to stop gambling after his release but it did not last long.  Within a week he was gambling again. Our EPF lost RM200 million that year.

In 2009 the Malay VIP started gambling big again.  His one day loss can be as high as US$1 million. The Malay VIP has promised several times he would stop gambling but he never did. His wife has since died from his abusive ways.  His son has now an incurable disease. 

A thief was caught stealing, he cries and ask for forgiveness.  He was forgiven. The thief was caught the second time, he begs for forgiveness and promised never to steal again. He was released.  The thief was caught a third time, he crawls, beg and cries he was forced to steal because others has taught him to do so. He was freed.  The thief was caught a fourth time, he says he did not steal because it was a donation.  He was pitied. The thief was caught a fifth time, he says he has done nothing wrong.  He was cheered. The thief was caught a sixth time, he says he has a communist brother.  He was given the Prime Minister seat. Thief are addicted to stealing.  The excitement of getting away from each crime increases the metabolism of happiness in the body. Once a thief, always a thief.

What is the difference between a gambler and a thief?  None.  If one does not put a stop to the gambler and thief activities, the gambling and stealing grows bigger until there is no more to gamble or to steal. 

A gambler and thief are addicts.  They simply do not stop.

A society that grooms gambler and thief is a dead nation.

To those who claimed a wonderful partnership with China will bring success are dreaming.  Development and success must be forge together with all Malaysians.  When only cronies and corrupted leaders benefit themselves, there is no success and development.

70% are Malays
12% are Chinese
8% are Indians
3% are Bangla
2% are Indons
5% others

Today 90% JPA students are jobless.
Today 90% Mara students are jobless.
Today 90%  Malay Household do not earn more than RM2000.
Today 90% Malay girls have children outside marriage.
Today 90% Malay boys are gigolos.
Today 90% Malays depend on Government handouts.

30% Malaysians have survived the Ketuanan Melayu and will be successful when China comes to Malaysia.

What about the Malays?????????????????????????????
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