Thursday, November 3, 2016

Allah gift to Malaysian Chinese

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Non-Malays and Non-Muslim especially the Chinese have suffered under the Melayu abusive mentality for too long.  We are called Cina Babi or Pendatang and never was accepted as Malaysian.  We the Chinese have tolerated the abuse and accepted that the Malay disease cannot be cured but then Allah says otherwise.

Today one need not go to war or shed blood to conquer or take over a nation.

Many third world suffers under greedy leaders as such it comes a time when even the greedy heads cannot steal anymore but instead have to sell the nation off to gain more wealth to spend or to cover their sinful act.

With today’s technology nothing is secret.  Every piece of evidence is open to all by simply clicking onto a mouse. Greedy leaders cannot hide their misdeeds. So we should be grateful to modern technology.

In Malaysia since 1984, Malaysians who are Non-Malay or Non-Muslim have their dignity bashed by the Malays at every given opportunity.  Even though a Chinese party was within the ruling Government, MCA did nothing for the Chinese.  Instead MCA elites enrich themselves and left ordinary Malaysian Chinese to fend for themselves.

Every election the Chinese would show their anger at the voting booths but through cheating and bribery the ruling Melayu Taiko win all the time.

Non-Malays and Non-Muslim almost gave up hope until the surprise win of DAP in Penang and PKR in Selangor.

With the win in Penang and Selangor one can see and feel the development but the ruling government for the nation were full of envy at their success.

In Penang, DAP though a mixed racial party suffers the most in the hands of jealous Malays since winning the state.  Every month Malays from other states would go to Penang to create havoc and attack the CM because he is Chinese.  Yet the Chinese in Penang did not lose their cool to attack or bash up any Malay there.  Had the Chinese retaliated, the Malays, Sultans, Mat Rempit, Police and Army Force would have killed all the Chinese there.

In Selangor the attack is less because the MB is a Melayu. But UMNO Selangor wants to poison the water there so that they can take over Selangor.  Sultan of Selangor knows Omar and Jamal are involved but is doing nothing.

One cannot forget the incident where a Malay stole a handphone in Low Yat and was caught in the act.  The Malay gangster beat up innocent Chinese who happens to be there at the wrong time and the shop where the Malay boy stole the phone was damaged to pieces. The Malay mafia are very crude and evil because they are supported financially by UMNO Selangor.  The Malay mafia are also protected by the Prime Minister and his wife Rosmah.  So even PDRM, Army and Royal Household cannot stop the havoc these Malay mafia do.
Since becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib spent his time and energy stealing our money and enjoying life to the peak.  Every month he was never in the country.  He treated Malaysia like ATM machine.  The time he is in Malaysia is when he needs to transfer our money out of the country.  Once it is done, he and his family members jet off to go shopping or have a good time.  Until the stealing became so big that many European nations got caught in the web.

Tun Razak and his wife should have listen to their bomoh advice when Najib was born. The bomoh had said that the boy Najib would destroyed his own father’s legacy, ruin his own country, kill his own son and murder his own race Dignity.  In China, Japan or Korea such a son would have been killed by his own father.  By letting Najib lived, Malaysians today are suffering through his greed.

As a person who has gone through 6 Prime Ministers and known some of them personally.  Najib is just a mouse among all.  To catch a mouse is not difficult even though Paid Bloggers, Paid Mafia, Paid Royalty, Paid IGP, Paid Army, Paid Speaker etc are obstacles placed as shooting shields.

Americans may not be able to, Swiss may not be able to, Singapore may not be able to.  While so many are cannot but THEN THE CHINESE FROM CHINA CAN DO WHAT OTHERS CANNOT DO.

Malaysia has a very bad business culture and blind knowledge on written agreements in history today.  Malaysia have lost many good dealings through their lack of understanding words printed in English and to bribery. So what are MOUs when it becomes useless after a period?

Malaysian Malays especially those in UMNO and Mafia boys do not have long to live.  When you open your doors to invite COMMUNIST CHINA into your home do not expect gold to pour in.

Rosmah has taken two sons to China to look for a Chinese Bride so that one of them need not go to jail.  So one son gets hitch but what about the other one. 


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