Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma is not stupid

Alibaba founder may be made digital economy adviser

 | November 1, 2016
Treasury secretary-general says billionaire Jack Ma may be invited to sit on Malaysia’s digital councils.
BEIJING: Malaysia may offer Jack Ma an advisory role to help the country develop its digital economy, said Treasury Secretary-General Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.
According to the New Straits Times, Mohd Irwan Serigar said the Alibaba Group’s billionaire founder could be appointed to national digital councils.
“We will discuss with him about bringing his ideas, and there’s also talk about appointing him to the digital councils in Malaysia,” Mohd Irwan was quoted as saying.
Saying the digital economy would become the new “in thing”, he added that China-Malaysia cooperation would benefit Malaysia’s economy and development.
Mohd Irwan is in Beijing as part of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s official visit, which started on Monday.
Last year, Indonesia appointed Jack Ma as an adviser to the government on e-commerce.
Even before his appointment by the Indonesian government, Ma had established a foothold in Indonesia, where 100 million people are hooked up to the Internet.
Alibaba Group is a giant Chinese e-commerce company which owns the Taobao online marketplace among other businesses, including Lazada.
Malaysia need China to bail out 1MDB.  China will make sure the returns are 1000 fold.  China has a different work culture when it comes to business. Unlike Malaysia, China can have 10 Chinese workers to do 1000 Malay workers job. China has no need one worker to file paper, one to sit down to do knitting, one to gossip, one to hassle another, one to do the coffee etc...........Malaysia has a culture of big work force doing one man's work.
Second is Hudud, Hijab and Fasting.  Do you think China will allow that??????????????????
Okay you will say China has to follow the rules when in Malaysia.  China will answer 'WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHEN IT COMES TO MY MONEY AND COMPANY, YOU MELAYU CAN GO FLY KITE."
Malaysia is number one in corruption.  
Malaysia Prime Minister is also named MOST CORRUPTED PRIME MINISTER IN THE WORLD. 
Because of Malaysian PM's corruption Malaysia make history in Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, USA, France, England and soon in Hong Kong.  You see my PM and his family are self made money laundering terrorists.  One up against Yakuza because my PM and his wife love to murder their enemies using the army and police boys to do the killing. Then they will find scapegoats to take the blame using Judges that are easily influence with money and titles. Today more than half the Judges in Malaysia are millionaire.  So where do the money come from? 
The Malay party UMNO has their own mafia groups.  The main one being Red Shirt which China do not look kindly to.  So what will happen after the GE next year will be very, very interesting.  Me think people like Jamal will be taught similar lesson like Ibrahim Ali.  Do you know that Ibrahim Ali went POW for two days in China.  After that incident Ibrahim Ali has changed.  For better or worse you decide.  So Jamal will definitely go POW in similar fashion.
Remember how Robert Kuok the Sugar King of Malaysia was treated by Najib's greed.

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