Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I fully support what the self-proclaimed tengku says
After years of watching and hearing stories like this, I strongly believe the Red Shirt will start their killing come 19th November 2016.

So without a doubt I know my Sultans and Agong will not want to disturb their rice bowl for us the people who are suffering under Najis regime.
Malaysia who has for century supported and funded terrorists have created a home base pool of Melayu who will hurt, harm and kill Malaysians for the sake of RM100 and moment of fame.
PDRM, Army and Royal Household so far has not lifted their precious finger to stop the terrorizing of Red Shirt instead they have given their full support, understanding and provided them with arms to attack Malaysians who cannot stand the corruption inside UMNO, the very party who is ruling Malaysia in the most evil and crude ways.
So what that self-proclaimed tengku said is right, why disturb the smooth flow of cash, projects and benefits provided by Najis and his whore to seek peace, harmony and right to earn a living for the people. Let Red Shirt become ISIS of Malaysia.

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