Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Policeman stole RM10,000

Malaysia: Woman Claims Police Officers Stole RM10,000 From Her Car After “Drug Inspection”

It is getting hard to tell between a policeman and a criminal apart these days, at least that is what this lady found out, after having RM10,000 in cash stolen during a random “drug inspection” conducted by a “policeman”.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, the lady said she encountered a policeman on her way back from the bank, where she had just withdrew RM10,000 to pay her college tuition. The policeman who stopped her insisted that she was carrying illegal drugs, and demanded to search her vehicle.
Obviously, the policeman found nothing of the sort – but the RM10,000 that she withdrew earlier had gone missing! Suspecting the police officer, she demanded that he return the money; but he refused, saying that he had never taken anything from her, and that she should report it to the police if she wants to.

However, when she did try to file a report with in the police station, the police officers in charged refused to take her case unless she had evidence. Helpless, she took to the social media to pleaded netizens to share the contact for the head of Sri Gombak’s police station, in hopes that she can at least have her case heard.
During the entire incident, she had managed to take a picture of the policeman in question, and had shared the images for all to see. His name however, had been hidden (perhaps deliberately?) by his phone.

So the question now, is the policeman a real policeman, or a thief masquerading as one to steal from her?

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