Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Wish List to Prince of Johore

This is my wish list to the Prince of Johore when he meets Malaysia Official 1 on 12th August 2016. I write this here since my MP Titiwangsa Johari does not care a hook what the Prince thinks nor does he cares for the Rakyat especially the Non-Malay and Non-Muslim since he is now a big shot in the Finance Ministry holding onto our money.

Schools to ban religious studies instead moral and understanding of different culture and religion should be taught.

All schools to ban the use of Tudung for Primary and Secondary Students.

All teachers to undergo medical test for mental illness yearly.

All Primary and Secondary schools to serve free breakfast and lunch.

All school textbooks can only be replace after ten years and not every year like now.

Tuition free for all Malaysians in Universities except foreign students.

Systematic sentence for punishment in our Judiciary courts.

All judges must write judgement otherwise they cannot be promoted or have their salaries cut by 50%. At least 20 Judges retired without writing any judgement and five were promoted to Appeal Court.

All bankruptcy to be void after eight (8) years without further reviews.

Senior citizens and children below 12 to travel free on all public transport except taxi.

Express lanes and services for all Senior Citizens and children below 12 in government clinic and hospitals.  Presently everyone got to wait for 4 to 6 hours for such service.

Abolish TNB monopoly.

All drains over 10 years must be replaced and make public announcement of such repair.  Presently there are drains over 60 years not repair.

All toll collection after 20 years must stop collecting

Money collected from Pasar Malam and Markets must go into a public caring fund for cleaning servicing equipment, insurance and medical and incentive for the workers.

3 million foreign workers legal and illegal to be kick out immediately.

All transport drivers must undergo check-up for mental illness before they can renew their licence and must be Malaysians by birth.  Today most drivers are either Indons or Bangla.


Dian Abdullah

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