Friday, August 12, 2016

Egg and Food Fraud

Take some sodium algimate and mix with water and stir for about one and half hours.  Then add gelatin to mix well.  Leave it for about 10 hours until any bubbles have disappeared.  Then add in some sodium benzoate and alum.
Put mixture into a bowl and add a little colouring agent.  This is your yolk mixture and you can now pour it into yolk shaped mould.
Dip mould into edible calcium chloride.
Now you have yolk without chicken.

For the past five years many people are going for egg yolk not realizing how easy it is to make one without having the chicken to lay the eggs.This year the demand for egg yolk shot up to 500% .

What many fail to realize is, today, people are getting sick and dying from food fraud.
Malaysia Health Ministry pays no heed to our health because if more people dies then the Home Ministry can bring in more Bangla. The government believes that importing foreigners into country can save their position hence more people should lose their lives because of food fraud.

The test done in our Chemistry Research Center are out-dated and serve no purpose except for the authorities to collect bribery daily.

All meat today are fraud using horse, cow and pig DNA to produce.


I want to hear from MP Johari (Titiwangsa), Perkasa, Pekida, Red Shirt, Jakim and Jais their comment on Food Fraud in Malaysia.

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MalaysianFirst said...

Salutations to all,

When someone or thing gets sick, it is USUALLY attributed to NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY.
For humans, there are about ninety (plus) ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT.
Two third of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT comes from within the earth!

NEVER be totally dependant on your healthcare, or their system.
It is USELESS, actually less than useless!

Take SELENIUM for instance, it is an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT, too little and you SUFFER, too much of it will OVERLOAD your immune system, causing a DECREASE of INSULIN, which in turn you into what the so called "healthcare professional" jargon as "Type 2 DIABETES"
Humans need SELENIUM but in very small amounts!
(Actually, just mirco-grams per day, labelled as mcg)
I personally BERATED some sales officer (gender with-held) in a busy shopping mall, touting some kind of "health supplement" containing "two thousand mili grams of selenium" right in a busy shopping mall, with everybody looking at the entire ruckus, that I am making!
That sales officer was NEVER seen around that area again!

On a side note, pertaining to the egg issue, just google up "spherification".

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