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Not fit to be IGP

Tuan IGP & Ashraf Wajdi : Does PULOPUL Train ISIS Jihadis?

Now the IGP confirms that the Puchong bomb was the first attack here by the ISIS.  First the news from The Star here.
  • IGP: IS planning more attacks in Malaysia after Movida bombing
  • Cops confirm Movida bombing first ever IS attack in Malaysia
  • Movida nightclub targeted by Islamic State (IS) said IGP 
  • IGP said bombing step one of a series of attacks planned by group
  • two men who carried out attack 
  • instructions direct from Mohd Wanndy Mohd Jedi from Syria
  • Police arrested two bombers, 13 other IS between June 28 and July 1
  • two are low-level police officers in Kedah and Penang
  • One planned robberies to fund IS,  other protect senior IS from detection
  • seven in Kedah, four Selangor, two KL, one Penang, one  Malacca
  • two who threw grenade picked up on July 1 in Port Klang
  • grenade,  old model used in World War II, from neighbouring country 
(I say Tuan IGP,  World War 2 ended 71 years ago. Even to reproduce a WW2 grenade you need a real live sample from WW2.  Grenade WW2 semua sudah karat lah.  I find it very difficult to believe this.)
  • police on lookout for two more behind bombing
  • Md Saifuddin Muji, 28, and Jasanizam Rosni, 33
  • bombing injured eight people 
  • all those arrested recruited, given instructions through social media

My comments :  Two of those arrested are Police officers. So where were these Police officers radicalised ?  Where did they pick up this terrorist indoctrination ? Ashraf Wajdilikes to say that these ISIS jihadis are not from the sekolah pondok.

He forgot about this :

"On January 14, 2015 the New York Times published a video entitled “The Jihadist in Our Family” featuring interviews with the family of the late Mohd Lotfi Ariffin who joined the Islamic State (IS) militant group.   The video footage recounted Mohd Lotfi’s experience as a jihadist and interviewed his sibling who taught at Madrasah Nurul Hidayah, Kuala Ketil, who urged students to follow his example."

The ISIS ideology is indeed being taught in the madrassahs and the sekolah pondok.

Surely the two policemen who were arrested for  supporting the ISIS attack in Puchong  did not learn their extremism from their Police training at the Pulapol.

Engineers who join ISIS do not learn ISIS ideology in mechanical engineering class or chemical engineering class.  They learnt it from the same guys who teach in the sekolah pondok or who share the ideology of the sekolah pondok and the madrasahs.

The Muftis can also be responsible for ISIS type radicalisation. This is according to Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed :

  • Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman’s “kafir harbi” label is dangerous 
  • in wake of first successful terror strike by ISIS, Nur Jazlan Mohamed said
  • deputy home minister said remarks contribute to radicalisation of sympathisers
  • opinion from someone of his stature lead to many interpretations
  • many people view it literally because he embodies goodness in Islam
  • his statement will have unintended consequences for people to do bad 
  • Nur Jazlan stressed ..IS sympathisers easily “influenced” by such views
  • He must be responsible for statement, influential nature of his post
  • many people listen to him and follow him
  • Islamic movement started by Anwar in 1970s permeated society and institutions
  • Nur Jazlan claimed Anwar responsible for Islamisation creep into the country

  • Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid (USM) political science department 
  • mufti's remarks can result in “zealots” resorting to radical action 
  • “Attacks can be carried out against institution of the state
  • “let us not think that kafir harbis is limited to non-Muslims in Malaysia
  • IS replicates Wahhabism, a strongly takfiri [ex-communication] disposition
  • Muslims against hudud Bill may find themselves targeted ” he told Mail
  • He cannot expect shallow-minded to interpret him beyond apparent meaning
  • "..mufti's words can dangerously radicalise Muslims” Ahmad Fauzi added.

  • Fauzi said mufti should be more responsible with remarks
  • considering his position as religious official and scholar
  • Fauzi said mufti's refusal to apologise betrays arrogance of ulama 
  • proclaiming his innocence will invite further careless statements
  • IIUM terrorism researcher Dr Maszlee Malik said mufti encourage enmity
  • towards non-Muslims and indirectly enhance IS's extremist views
  • “One who follows IS rhetoric would easily understand why” 
  • current hatred towards non-Muslims or Muslims is dangerous
  • “will sow seed of extremism within Muslim generation,” he added.
IS have since announced there will be more attacks in Malaysia 

See more at:

So Tuan IGP,  your deputy Boss the Deputy  Home Minister Nur Jazlan, eminent USM political scientist Dr Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid and others are all in agreement that the Pahang Mufti's statements will only encourage shaitan like the ISIS to do satanic things.

Kalau Tuan IGP kurang faham bahasa Inggeris baca baik-baik (read slowly) and you will understand what they are saying.

So are you going to arrest the Mufti  of Pahang or not?

If not, then can other Malaysians also speak like the mufti? And you will not arrest them?

So can the ISIS sympathisers also talk like the Mufti? And then from there they will start plotting more attacks against Malaysians? Only then you will send Fuzi Harun and Ayub Khan to go and arrest them?

Isnt that kerja bodoh? Dua kali lima type of stupid?   

You dont need to go to Syria to become radicalised. It is happening here in Malaysia.

1. You have the sekolah pondok and madrassahs creating ISIS extremists in Kedah and elsewhere. 

2. Then you have Ministers (who originate from the negeri Serambi Kepala Hotak) whodefend the sekolah pondok and the madrassah, saying they are NOT responsible for radicalisation

3. Then you have State Muftis spreading the same ideology as the ISIS  
  • Pahang Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman’s “kafir harbi” label is dangerous 
  • in wake of first successful terror strike by ISIS, Nur Jazlan Mohamed said
  • deputy home minister said remarks contribute to radicalisation of sympathisers

So this is what is going on inside the gomen. It is the gomen's religious institutions and religious infrastructure that are spreading the dangerous and violent ideology in the country. Violence is the ideology of the shaitan.  The gomen is now helping to spread shaitan's teachings. 

Not Islamic teachings.  Dont confuse yourself into believing that everything the gomen does regarding "religion"  is Islamic. You must be exceptionally stupid to believe that. Really exceptionally stupid. 

Even the muftis can spread satanic ideas.

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