Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EPCC East Coast Line (ECRL) over priced by RM30 billion as DONATION to Malaysia Official 1

OUTRAGE! - Najib's Secret Deal With China To Pay Off 1MDB (And Jho Low's) Debts! - SHOCK EXCLUSIVESarawak Report can reveal the secret figures behind the deal, which has been inflated 100% to hide the payments for 1MDB!Najib plans to double the cost of the Railway to RM60 billion to hide his 1MDB missing moneyWhat is in this deceitful deal for the Chinese?  Just take a look!Sneaking a write off of 1MDB's debts in an up-front paymentWorthless 'units' from Brazen Sky and 1MDB Global are being dumped into the deal as if they had been 'bought', whereas in fact all costs are being separately covered by the 'additional items' on the inflated projectedRM30 billion 'Added Differential' ie bail out for 1MDB and Jho LowJho Low related companies which funnelled money to Najib are also in the secret bail out package!The diagram held up by Attorney General Apandi showing Putrajaya Perdana's role in passing public money to Najib
Public figures?  How the same project is being costed  at RM60 billion, but with no mention of 1MDB

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