Friday, May 6, 2016

RM50 can buy a vote in Sarawak

Sarawakians' pride and joy for every election.

There is no word to describe the happenings in Sarawak today.  Every election brings out the worst evil side of Pariah dogs who have done nothing for the Rakyat except to make them poor. Development and promises make during these past few days are just mere words without action.  I truly believe Sarawakians do not have the ability to think and stand up for their rights. Sarawakians like ex-uniform personnel get over-excited when a mere RM50 is given to them for free.  It it like they have never seen RM50 in their life.
I have seen senior citizen and homeless people in Kuala Lumpur fighting over RM2 ang pow or free food.  So basically Sarawakians are similar in nature.
Most Malaysians are not sad over the recent helicopter crash.  In fact many Malaysians are thankful that corrupted Malaysians are killed by the invisible hands of God.
But what most Malaysians would have loved, rejoices and hope for is that our beloved PM and DPM should have been on that ill-fated helicopter too.
For making Malaysians for the next 9 generation to pay off the RM50 billions debt through the greed of Najis and Rosmah is way too much for us to stomach.
Let us pray for more crash whether it is the private jets or helicopters that carries our corrupted leaders.

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Edwin H Mascringhas said...

Thou shalt not compare dogs with politicians. Dogs, be it a pedigree or otherwise, will feel very insulted.

Thou shalt not insult dogs or animals in the same page where politicians are made reference to.

Thou shalt use terms like virus or scumbags, when making comparison or attributes of politicians.

Very unthoughtful you to pray for more crashes. Don t you pity the crocodiles that had to suffer serious indigestion/poisoning after devouring body parts of the scums (minus the the non-scums) in thier bellies. Maybe, the crocodiles instinctively, by nature could avoided the scums went for the others.

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