Saturday, March 5, 2016

Too many smart Alex

Today people are a lucky lot.  If sick a person can go to see the doctor.
When a pet falls sick there is the veterinary.
Long ago during my parents' time there were no doctors to see.
People then eat vegetables, weeds, roots and fruits to cure themselves.
Animals like dogs too look for certain grass/weeds to cure themselves.
Very few people today have knowledge of what to do in time of sickness.
In 1930 Dr Greson by accident discovered that all chronic diseases like cancer, skin tuberculosis, diabetes etc can be cured using fruits, vegetables, coffee etc like the olden days.

But Pharmaceutical companies were unhappy with this discovery because then they would not be able to make money.  So obstacles was put on Dr Greson and news of the discovery was blacked out.
Today Pharmaceutical companies go a step further by murdering Holistic Doctors who also discovered the causes and cure for chronic diseases.

Today more and more people are supposed to be educated but I find many lacking in reading and understanding.
Take for example cancer.  Cancer is a curable disease.  I have helped many using my family old fashion remedy and none have died of cancer.  The trauma and pain one suffers after a chemo is unbearable yet there are idiots and fools who can ask 'You mean it is painful.' Then there are of course clever people who will mention a long list of things to take not knowing that every cancer patients should be treated differently because of the causes that activate the cancer cells in the body of each individual.
Doctors spent years and years learning to cure a sickness but not the whole body which is important to act as a strong defence against any diseases.
One month ago when my friend Nurlaily told me she has cancer I told her what to do and what not to do.  Instead of starving the cancer cells her family members gave her this and that herbs similar to the ones given to pregnant ladies.  So of course by fattening the cancer cells the tumour have spread to other parts of the body at a fast pace and doctors have now given her four months to live. Last week when I saw her there was still hope if she changes her diet immediately but the family members decided to seek Haron Din's help on the advice of someone who is ignorant about cancer. Then there are the many must eat list given to the family wiping all hope for her to be cured.
My friend Nurlaily has another ten days to change her diet and if the family insist on listening to ill advice from people who have never had cancer then there is no longer any hope left.
There is no longer an extended ten years to live.
There is no longer four months to live.
But only a month.

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MalaysianFirst said...

Go back a few decade, to WW2, post world war two, to be exact!
The food was "Polished Rice".
What did it caused?
You cannot find "Polished Rice" anywhere, right now.

Go back a few century.
Sailors were dying left and right.
What caused it?
What cured it?
Fruit, citrus fruits, to be exact!

What are the causes for beriberi, pellagra and an assortment of illness?
What cured them?
Food, natural food, to be exact!
Not the GMO kind!

Lots of illness, in the present, are caused by lack of essential vitamins and minerals from fruits & vegetables.
Out of ninety plus essentials; vitamin, mineral and oil.
Sixty of them are from mineral!
You can only get mineral from the ground.
But the current generation has already poisoned the ground!

What does the current generation like to eat?
Junk food filled to the brim with sugar, salt and a host of unhealthy "JUNKS".

The next Prime Minister and his Deputy

The 8th Prime Minister The Deputy Prime Minister THE VICTIM WHO TRUSTED AZMIN ALI TOO MUCH.