Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello it is the Rakyat business to know the truth about RM2.6 Billion so-called donation from Saudi Royal House

Every citizens of Malaysia has the right to know the truth about the RM2.6 billion that went into the Prime Minister and his wife personal account.
It is the right of the people to know why Malaysia has been mismanaged to the brink of bankruptcy since Najis the arse hole became the Prime Minister.
We the people also want to know the people behind the killing of people involve in Submarine and 1MDB.
We the people also want to know why corrupted leaders are shield from being charge in court.
We the people are fed up all the stupid excuses given by brainless leaders who has not work a single hour for the people of Malaysia.
We the people wants to know when the Prime Minister will continue to be blackmail by US Rothschild and Israel.
How long more does the Prime Minister of Malaysia intend to ruin this nation?
How many inch of thick skin the Prime Minister of Malaysia has?
Maybe the clever girls of Malaysia can give a correct answer this time round.

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