Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monkey Year Monkey Shit

The right to speak out is not something new.  Only in Malaysia we make it a religious insult, royal insult and now an insult to whatever laws we have
People like Apandi otherwise known as ‘cock sucker’, Hasan Arifin the newly minted millionaire, that neither here or there Lesbian or Gay Azalina and of course not forgetting the abusive DPM who loves to fist box anyone who does not listen to him.

Malaysians love to have abusive and bully leaders.  There are Malaysians who are willing to lick the shit off the hands of such leaders and beam in pride, not realizing how stupid they look.  And there are some who are willing to take in three jobs so that the Malay Leader who gave such order is happy.

Today life is no longer simple and fair.

Today at every turn we have a Melayu leader telling us what and what not to do.  We are actually heading towards a Malay Communism Era.  Laugh all you want.

IGP threatens us in cyber land that whatever we comment against our corrupted leaders and corrupted Sultan, we are taken in at first sight to be tortured.  Yet those Malays who openly called for another May 13, throw dead animals into temple and churches are encourage to further insult the Non Muslim and Non Malays.  At the recent CNY open house in Penang, a group of Malays were seen to disrupt and protest thanks to a Cabinet Minister because he was not happy that many visitors and even tourists pay their respect to a Non-Malay, Non Muslim Leader. Jealousy that eats the flesh of the living soul is a norm in MalayLand.

An ex-MB wants the Royal Household to be involve in the 1MDB saga.

Like the ‘cock sucker’ who says it is not a crime to receive ‘donation.’ The newly minted millionaire Hasan wants to close down the investigation into 1MDB.

An out spoken Sultan who make headlines round the world talking about the corrupted and incapable Prime Minister of Malaysia has his mouth plaster with Rosmah generous gift.

The woman who was supposed to be at her sick husband side was jetted in and out of Malaysia to go shopping with Rosmah returned not one favour but three favours.  The favours were - accept an oppressive act in Parliament, seal the mouth of the Royal Wives and help to transfer Rosmah assets out from Malaysia using our National Airline. By the way the woman concern also make a demand that her only son is well taken care of.  Once the husband dies there will be an eruption up North.  Monkeys are known to be active animals.

Recently a mother who lost her son has this to say.  MONEY CANNOT BUY HEALTH or BRING BACK HER DEAD SON.

This is true.  But money can buy people.  This has been proven again and again.  Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife has been sealing the mouth of bloggers, media, IGP, AG, Auditor General, MACC, Bank Negara, MAS, Armed Forces, Special Branch, President of USA, Swiss Crime Division, Australian Crime Division, Hong Kong Anti-Corruption, Singapore Premier’s wife Pamela, Taiwanese Government, Chinese Government and not forgetting the Melayu in UMNO, the Sultan and now even MB of Johore. Tell me which Royal Household is not in the hands of Rosmah Mansor.  With RM4 billion cash everyone is at her doorsteps begging for a tiny share.

So those calling for the relevant authorities, Royal Household and Foreign help can forget about it.  TODAY MONEY IS GOD.



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