Tuesday, January 26, 2016

You help me, I help You

Today it has proven that Najis do keep his words when he says YOU HELP ME, I HELP YOU.
Misai Man otherwise known as the COCK SUCKER today is make a DIRECTOR OF TABUNG HAJI.
I feel sorry for the Malays when one vampire is not enough to suck dry Tabung Haji but now having two sharing the same greed.

On one hand I pity but at the same time I am glad the Malays are made to suffer.
Malays on the whole especially those in the kampung do not care if someone were to steal from them because they believe it is fated and their destiny.
Now the biggest joke for 2016 before April Fool is that Najis returned the donation given by the generous Arab Royal House cum Arab Chinese.

Phew even Tun Razak's dead body can come back to life with this kind of news.

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