Friday, January 8, 2016

Malaysian Leaders got no wisdom
It is really sad to read about students going hungry because of corruption by Education Ministry officers.
My daughter experience that when she was studying in Australia.  The person in charge of my daughter's allowance used the money on herself and later even short changed her.  As usual nothing can be done because the officer refuses to even reply my daughter's query.  That was until I make noise everywhere and asked Tun for assistance.  Had I kept quiet my daughter would have also starved and not finish her PhD.
This has become the norm for all students who depend on Government's money for their studies for the past Twenty Years.
Even though Higher Education Minister from past to present knows about it none are interested in the welfare of the future generation.
Let me tell you a true story about the Japanese.
Japan suffered alot for all the wars they were in.
Japan had no resources and the people were suffering.
To overcome their starvation and suffering the Leaders at that time decided to do something drastic.
Let the old and unable died in starvation and feed the young Japanese.
So the first thing the Japanese Leaders did was to take over the schooling of all Japanese children.
Japanese schooling system starts from Year 1 - 6 in Primary and then Year 7, 8 and then 9 before they specializes in their respective field (in other word do what they want to do.)
All schools feed the children breakfast with a balance diet in a box so that no food is wasted.
After the meal the children are given four tablets.
It is the same with lunch. After the meal another four tablets.
In exchange for the food and tablets the children had to maintain their respective schools for example cleaning toilets, classrooms etc..........
After 9 years of looking after the children the research showed an incredible success rate of thinking, creativeness, taller, healthier Japanese.
Japan developed into a vibrant nation today because they looked after the future generation with wisdom.
Today Japan is the only Nation in the world with the least health problem.  In other word hardly anyone suffers from heart attack, stroke, cancer etc.

1.  For bone
2.  For muscle
3.  For brain
4.  For blood

For the past 1 month my research has shown that Chinese belief in Wealth and Health.
While the Malays belief in Wealth and Material Comfort.
The Indians belief in Wealth only.

Now after reading this I know certain Malays will start their instant wealth selling supplement to schools and our Education Minister and his cronies will clap their palms in happiness knowing how easy cash will flow into their pockets. They forget there is a system.

Malays do not have a system because they are greedy so this nation cannot develop by 2020.

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MalaysianFirst said...

Agree with most of the lines. 100% agree.
I dunno the line about "Let the old and unable died in starvation and feed the young Japanese."
I understand everything till the part mentioning about the four mysterious tablets.
Never heard of them from my "Japanese" contacts (citizens) within Japan.
Gotta check out with my other contacts (both citizens & non citizens), within Japan.
Will most likely turn out FALSE, but information is still information, TRUE or FALSE is another matter!

At least the Japanese nation planned ahead!

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