Sunday, January 10, 2016

Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger

The train makes only two stops—one when a lone high-school student leaves for school and the other when she returns.


Digital said...

The main reason is that the government or politician are elected by the people means they work for the people. So they take care of the people that vote them in. Likewise in Australia also and some other countries. So when people vote them in, means the voters are the boss and politician are their workers to the voters and that's they are so concern with their job. When they make small mistake, they take it and resign from the job and let someone else being voted in or take over.

But in this country, it is totally different. Come elections all the promises and also willing to kowtow to you and shakes your hand. During that time, you scold them also they will smile you back. After they're voted in, then they become lord of the king and you're their slave... ....anything you say to them or about them will be sued. ..they drive and you must give way. They can say what they want but you as voters who elect them in, cant say anything. So that's the difference we are in here.

MalaysianFirst said...

Japan stopped MEMORIZING and started to strive towards "PROBLEM FIXING" about ten years ago, at least for their school going children.
Their new batch of students ought to come out, any time now.
Japanese revere their environment and their children, giving both a prosperous future.

Not the same situation in this "FAKE" country, which was actually born in 1963, not 1957!
Malaysia started as a "FEDERATION" but never progressed into a "COUNTRY", for the past five decades...and counting.

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