Thursday, January 21, 2016

Empty Mall can generate imaginary sales
There is one thing the whole world knows and that is Malay Politicians do not tell the truth even though the evidences are there.
I hope Income Tax department will not close their eyes to the imaginary sales and profit Mara Digital claimed to make especially to Ismail Sabri who has 35% share while the Red Shirt Gangster holds the other 75%.

It would be good if the owner of Mara Digital pay up their goods before they ask for more money from the Arse Hole in Putrajaya.
Stories flying from Putrajaya said that Ismail Sabri begged from Arse Hole RM22 million to help Malay Traders but the money went into paying off the Red Shirt Gangster's debt and balance went into the Minister's mistress condo in Kepong.
I personally spent 10 days at Mara Digital and each visit was for two hours. During that time not a single sale was done and the number of window shoppers were less than my ten fingers.
People who have an IQ like a fish should never have been a politician.
Malays should learn from the Chinese how to do business.
Below is proof that 1000 people saw how a Chinese company closed RM2.2 million cash sales in one day.

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