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Najis and Rosmah going to kill another innocent victim

My New Fears For My Husband's Safety - Laura Justo

My New Fears For My Husband's Safety - Laura Justo

As news has emerged of the Royal pardon granted by Thailand to the Swiss national Xavier Justo, his wife has received two serious warnings from high level sources that Malaysian related entities have been instructed not to let him leave the country alive.

Sarawak Report has confirmed that the two entirely separate sources have tonight indicated that there is a ‘Black Ops’ notice out to ensure that an ‘accident’ befalls Justo during his vulnerable journey from the jail, where he has been securely protected, first to emigration and then the airport. He is due to be released in the coming days.

“The instructions come from Malaysia”

The instructions are from Malaysia” one key source which has high level security links has warned Sarawak Report.  “They plan to use local operatives with connections to official bodies to make sure he will not make it out of Bangkok”.

Another separate source also approached Sarawak Report this evening “Either an accident or a hit man, there are Malaysian related entities with far-reaching contacts in Thailand and there is evidence that the instruction has gone out”.

The news has thrown Swiss based Laura Justo, who has been waiting in Geneva anxiously for her husband for several months, into a new state of anxiety.

This evening she told Sarawak Report that she has notified her lawyers, The Swiss Embassy and several international law enforcement bodies about the level of the threat, but she is fearful that they may fail to provide adequate protection for her husband once he leaves the jail.

“The Swiss officials are already been aware of the possible threat” Laura told Sarawak Report this evening, ” but I do not know if they will do enough to protect him. It depends on the size of the planned operation to kill him”

Laura says she is also fearful of an attempt to kidnap Justo.
The Malaysian authorities have made no secret of their determination to lay hands on the key whistleblower, who was imprisoned June 2015 for revealing details of the PetroSaudi deal, which has led to the unravelling of the world’s biggest ever kleptocracy case related to Malaysia’s development fund, 1MDB.

Justo had originally been promised his release back in August, not long after the US Department of Justice lodged its asset seizure notice for a billion dollars worth of property with the California District Court.  Just yesterday a US Federal Court Judge rejected an attempt by Jho Low (the prime minister’s key advisor on 1MDB) to stay that seizure on assets held in the name of himself and his family.

However, just days before the papers were due to be signed Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak made an extended visit to Bangkok and placed Justo at the top of the agenda for talks.

The Prime Minister made plain that he wanted the Swiss National to be extradited to Malaysia, even though there is no evidence that the country has any rights of jurisdiction in the case, which concerned an accusation of blackmail by PetroSaudi against their former Director and his acquisition of their company data.

Sources have told Sarawak Report that Thailand has refused to allow the unwarranted extradition request, which has been fiercely challenged by the Swiss authorities who believe their national has been targeted for being a whistleblower.  Having now served 18 months he was eligible to return home to Switzerland.

Najib wants Justo in jail

There are questions as to what, if any, new information Xavier Justo can bring to further investigations into 1MDB, which are now at an advanced stage in several countries which have been engaged in a cross border collaboration to trace up to $7 billion which are calculated to have gone missing from the fund.

Justo has already provided the data relating to the original PetroSaudi deal from which $1.83 billion was siphoned from the fund and the US has obtained extensive details of the dollar transactions that were involved. Numerous banks are now also collaborating with investigators from at least 7 countries and several accounts are frozen.
Furthermore, two senior executives from the Abu Dhabi fund Aabar, who were implicated in thefts are now also in jail in Abu Dhabi and believed to be cooperating with their authorities who have lodged a major case to reclaim $6.5 billion from 1MDB.

Nevertheless, recorded conversations and text messages from PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony, which were sent last year, make quite clear that he believed that Najib was fearful at the thought of Justo ever being let free. “A prime minister of a country is in deep shit” Mahony told Laura Justo in French in October last year.  He made clear that Najib was controlling Justo’s imprisonment and that if he wanted to be let free he needed to demonstrate that he would not speak against him after his release.

Mahony also made a number of demands that Justo and his wife should make statements to the press that assisted Najib and accused critics of 1MDB of dishonesty, in particular Sarawak Report.

After 18 months of separation from her husband, during which time Justo has seen his son just once, Laura says all she wants is to have he safely home in Switzerland. She believes he is no use and no threat to anyone in Malaysia.

“I cannot take much more of this. I am so scared”

She told Sarawak Report after the two separate warnings about the plans to kill him reached her early on Thursday evening.

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The Conspiracy to Save Najib

The Conspiracy to Save Najib
In an extraordinary twist, a new Malaysian website has conflated George Soros, Tony Blair, former US Vice President Al Gore, the “Clinton team,” the aristocratic Rothschild family,  Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy chief Andrew McCabe, former golfing buddy and US President Barack Obama, UK critic Clare Rewcastle Brown and her husband, unnamed individuals from the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan investment banks, and a flock of locals into elements of a conspiracy “to restructure the East Asian economy and political landscape,” but particularly arrayed against Malaysia and its prime minister Najib Razak.
The website, “Malaysia Outlook,” written by the pseudonymous “Third Force,” has printed four exhaustive articles detailing the conspiracy, “a nexus of associations linking key individuals, establishments, institutions and agencies, complicit with global elites to effect regime changes in Malaysia and Indonesia.”
In fact, however, the website appears to be the latest attempt to protect Najib from public scrutiny of overwhelming international evidence of his complicity in the biggest scandal in Malaysian history, the theft of at least US$2.5 billion and perhaps as much as US$4 billion from 1Malaysia Development Bhd., the state-backed investment firm that was so disastrously overseen that it is believed to have lost as much as RM50 billion (US$11.316 billion) through theft and mismanagement. An unknown amount of that money allegedly went to finance Red Granite Pictures, the Hollywood entity that produced the blockbuster movie “Wolf of Wall Street. “
The lead investigation is in the hands of the US Justice Department, which in July issued a 136-page document alleging that “over the course of an approximately four year period, between approximately 2009 and at least 2013, multiple individuals, including public officials and their associates, conspired to fraudulently divert billions of dollars from 1MDB through various means, including by defrauding foreign banks and by sending foreign wire communications in furtherance of the scheme, and thereafter, to launder the proceeds of that criminal conduct, including and through U.S financial institutions.
“The funds diverted from 1MDB were used for the personal benefit of the co-conspirators and their relatives and associates, including to purchase luxury real estate in the United States, pay gambling expenses in Las Vegas casinos, acquire more than US$100 million in artwork, invest in a major New York development project, and fund the production of major Hollywood films. 1MDB maintained no interest in these assets and saw no returns on these investments.”
For months, Najib and his cronies in the United Malays National Organization, the country’s biggest political party, have been attempting to wriggle free from domestic and international charges over the theft of the money.  According to multiple sources in Kuala Lumpur, he has survived as prime minister primarily by bribing the 190-odd cadres who determine the leadership of UMNO to keep him in power. UMNO leadership confers automatic status as prime minister.
Against devastating articles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Sarawak Report, Asia Sentinel and other publications, Najib, who is alleged to have diverted at least US$681 million and perhaps as much as US$1 billion into his own accounts, is believed to have mounted a flurry of online fake new outlets, the best-funded of which appears to be Malaysia Outlook.
Malaysia Outlook is said to be the brainchild of Habibur Rahman Kadir Shah, an accountant and a long-time associate of Najib Razak.  Habibur was previously an UMNO Youth head in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Petaling Jaya when Najib was national youth head.  The two became close friends.
“Najib has given control of running the media hounds to Habibur, who has been at it since Najib became Prime Minister,” said a well-connected political source in Kuala Lumpur. Habibur, in addition to serving as the informal media dictator to the Star, the New Straits Times Press and TV3 – the three most prominent English-language media outlets – is reportedly the controller and paymaster, with Najib’s money, for the bloggers who write for Malaysia Outlook, including Raja Petra Kamarudin, who formerly was a major opposition blogger but who has since joined Najib’s crew.
The key members of the team are said to be Raja Petra Kamarudin, universally known as RPK, as well as Rahmat Haniff, the son of a former Inspector General of Police Haniff Omar , who calls himself seademon, and Zakir Mohamad,* who writes a blog called bigdogdotcom.  They are said to be paid well to produce what appears to be the very definition of fake news.
In recent weeks, the Malaysian government has raised the ante against opposition figures, briefly jailing Maria Chin Abdullah, the head of the electoral reform organization Bersih 2.0 (“clean”) and attacking the editor and publisher of Malaysiakini, the country’s most popular independent news website, on allegations they are in the pay of Soros, who is accused of attempting to destabilize the country.
But a close look at the US Justice Department document paints a picture not of an international conspiracy against Malaysia but of a breathtaking campaign to divert billions of dollars out of 1MDB and into the hands of the prime minister, known in the document as “Malaysian Official 1” and his family, beginning in 2009 with the diversion of funds into a corporate entity called “Good Star” under the pretense of investing in a middle-eastern oil exploration company called Petro Saudi.
As much as US$1 billon was allegedly diverted into Swiss bank account held by Good Star Ltd., whose beneficial owner was Jho Taek Low, better known as Jho Low, the youthful, rotund Penang-born financial whiz who convinced Najib to set up 1MDB in the first place.
As has been widely reported, billions more were diverted through an entity called Aabar-BVI, which “was created and named to give the impression that it was associated with Aabar Investments PJS,” a legitimate subsidiary of the International Petroleum Investment Company, a state-owned Abu Dhabi investment concern.
And where did the money go? It poured into a stunning assortment of US real estate and other properties. That includes, but was not limited to:
THE L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY, 9291 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210 – better known as L’Ermitage Hotel.
HILLCREST PROPERTY 1, a mansion  at 912 North Hillcrest Road Beverly Hills, owned by a shell company.
PARK LAUREL CONDOMINIUM, real property located in New York, New York owned by Park Laurel Acquisition LLC, a shell company
BOMBARDIER JET: Global 5000 aircraft bearing manufacturer serial number 9265, registration number N689WM.
TIME WARNER PENTHOUSE:  located in New York, New York owned by 80 Columbus Circle (NYC) LLC, a shell company.
ORIOLE MANSION:  real property located in Los Angeles, California, owned by Oriole Drive (LA) LLC, a shell company.
GREENE CONDOMINIUM:  real property located in New York, New York owned by the 118 Greene Street, a shell company.
EMI ASSETS:  including copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as the right to collect and receive any profits, royalties, and proceeds of distribution owned by or owed to JW Nile (BVI), Ltd.; JCL Media, a shell company.
SYMPHONY CP (PARK LANE) LLC ASSETS:  a Delaware limited liability company, owned, held or acquired, directly or indirectly, by Symphony CP Investments LLC and Symphony CP Investments Holdings LLC, shell companies that own the Park Lane Hotel at 36 Central Park South, New York, New York, 10019.
WALKER TOWER PENTHOUSE:  located in New York, New York owned by 212 West 18th Street LLC, a shell company,
LAUREL BEVERLY HILLS MANSION:  located in Beverly Hills, California, owned by Laurel Beverly Hills Holdings, LLC, a shell company.
HILLCREST PROPERTY 2: located in Beverly Hills, California owned by 1169 Hillcrest Road LLC, a shell company.
THE QENTAS TOWNHOUSE:  located in London, United Kingdom, owned by Qentas Holdings Ltd., a shell company.
Those transactions are reported in exhaustive detail in the US Justice Department’s filing, which is worth reading for its entertainment value if not its educational value for the citizens of Malaysia. If it is fiction constructed to destabilize the country and bring down Najib, it is a far more sophisticated job than The Malaysia Outlook. Then again, the chances are better that it is real.
*Sheikh Muzzaffar was inadvertently identified as the blogger who writes bigdogdotcom.  Asia Sentinel regrets the error.

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Monopoly Ringgit

The Ringgit printed in China will be out soon.
Actual worth of RM1 is only 10 sen while RM5 is 50 sen.
Soon one need a stack to buy just one toothpaste.

The chosen ones who cannot stop making the world laugh

Najib was chosen by Allah, so pledge your loyalty to him’

 | November 30, 2016
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also calls on Umno cybertroopers to come up with a strategy to counter online attacks against the Umno president.
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Najib Razak was chosen by Allah to lead the party and, hence, the party members should pledge their loyalty to him, said Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
The Umno acting deputy president, setting an example in the presence of the party delegates at its general assembly this evening, pledged his undivided loyalty to Najib.
“Allah has put Datuk Seri Najib as our president. Allah wanted it that way,” he said at the Putra World Trade Centre here.
“So I call upon all members to pledge your loyalty, not just through your voices but also through your actions, as taught by our religion.
“To ensure Umno stays strong forever, all members should be loyal, regardless of the criticisms or rumours made against the party president.
“My loyalty to him will not cease.”
Zahid, who is also the deputy prime minister, then urged Umno cybertroopers to play their part and fight against the opposition’s attempts to attack Najib and the party online.
“We can’t see them but we can feel the presence of these opposition groups in cyberspace.
“Our cybertroopers need to form strategies and go against the enemies, not one another. And we have to bring the people, especially the Gen-Y and Gen-Z, closer to us.”
He added that technological advancements have made it harder for Umno to identify both their internal and external enemies.
“We are not only facing the traditional political parties but also groups that are against us in secret, hiding their true colours.
“Without us realising it, the enemy among us operates through the cyber platform and gadgets.”
*****************************************Image result for images of UMNO is chosen by God

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3,600 delegates at UMNO General Assemby 2016


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Women must support each other on this tiring period in Malaysia

Ladies (and gents), come walk with us tomorrow to show your support and solidarity for Maria Chin Abdullah who is still unfairly detained under SOSMA. 

Date: 23/11/16 (Wednesday)
Gathering Time: 10am 
Walking Time:10.30am

Place: Gather along Jalan Parliament near Padang Merbok and walk to House of Parliament.

Wear: Yellow/Bersih tee with a purple ribbon or purple tee with a yellow ribbon.

1)To hand over Memo to Najib and other relevant ministers.
2) Press Conference outside the Parliament. Expected to end 12.30pm

Note: the last day of Parliamentary session ends on 24/11/16. Hence, we have to do it on 23/11/16.

Malays at their lowest point


Malaysia Corrupted Scumbag mentioned at Obama APEC 2016 Press Conference

Listen 48.56.
World Leaders distance themselves from Malaysian Scumbag in Public.

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Biggest Salute to Malaysia (Eva Peron) MARIA CHIN ABDULLAH

Argentina has Eva Peron.
Malaysia has Maria Chin Abdullah.
By now many people will have known that it is not Najib that gave the command for Maria to be held under Sosma but Rosmah.
Today a Chinese Muslim by the name of Maria Chin Abdullah had done what the whole world is not able to and that is to put Rosmah and Najib into sleepless nights and is their biggest nightmare.
10 things about: Maria Chin Abdullah, social activist Maria Chin Abdullah, born Mary Chin Cheen Lian, laughs off a question on whether she felt like Katniss Everdeen, the heroine in The Hunger Games, when she led the massive Bersih 4 rally last August.
Chin, who turns 60 this year, credits instead the strength of the Bersih 2.0 committee in the election watchdog’s fight for electoral reform and good governance.
She is very clear that change or the effort to “save Malaysia” is not the work of one person alone.
Here, Chin, who has three sons aged 19, 21 and 22 in college, talks about what drove her to women’s rights issues and how she keeps going after her husband, an activist named Yunus Ali, died of kidney failure in 2010.
In her own words:
● I handled about three cases of young women who tried to commit suicide. Two were sexually abused by the father and they couldn’t tell the mother. At different times, they took pills and all that. The other one was about the father having two wives, and she was not getting the attention of the parents, so she slashed herself. Counselling them was quite traumatic for me. They were very young, one was 15 years old, one was 16, the other was reaching 19 and doing her A Levels. I think these are the stories that touched me a lot, that made me realise our laws don’t protect them, our education also doesn’t educate them and our social system doesn’t support women like that.
● Even when I was involved in women’s rights organisations, the support has always been there. Yunus was very supportive, even though we had young kids. We tried to manage, and he sacrificed quite a lot. He was also passionate about politics in Malaysia, but he didn’t get involved. He gave me that space for my involvement … without that, it would have been hard. At least I felt that there was some kind of parental guidance at home and he cooked for them, he took them to school, and still did his part-time work, that was something I really appreciated.
● I met him in London, as a friend. That time, he was in exile — 1974, the student suppression. Some of them ran away, some went underground. He and Hisham ran away. And they were in exile for a few years. Then Yunus joined the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organisation. He fought in the Palestine war. After that, he went to London, and then came back. He was arrested under ISA in 1987 — Ops Lalang.
● By the time Bersih came along, my kids were big enough to take care of themselves. Of course, it’s a little bit hard because they were still in secondary school. But I guess I made it a point that I discussed with them every step … whether I join this demonstration, or the Bersih 3 demonstration and all that, I discussed it with them. And they have been with me at all the demonstrations … it has become like a family must-do.
● When my parents were in London, my babysitter gave me the name Mary. My parents were not Christians. For some reason, they put it in my birth certificate.
● Nobody calls me by my Chinese name. My old friends call me Mary. My parents called me Mary … when I converted, I chose the name Maria.
● Islam is something I believe in. And it has given me strength. But of course, there are also my beliefs as a feminist and as a human rights activist, so they are not incompatible.
● It doesn’t mean I don’t despair; I do because after organising so much for such a long time, we are still in this situation where you don’t seem to see policy change and corruption is still rampant in our country. But I guess that each time when we have a big rally, or each time when people come up to you and say, “Job well done”... it gives you that encouragement to move. And you know that you’re on the right track.
● There has to be some hope lah, otherwise, how?
● If you’re not aware, you will not know what you want to change.

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Malaysia run by FOOLS
Image result for images of najib with salleh

General Election confirmed Next Year 2017

RM30 Billion printed in China has landed in Malaysia.
Today Najib and Rosmah are smiling through their noses at the people of Malaysia.
Why China is helping Najib the most corrupted Prime Minister is because it is easier to control and pull strings on him than other candidates within UMNO.
So prepare for the dirty works of EC, PDRM, AG and Red Shirt Mafia.
Najib wants all list to be ready in Feb and he will decides either March or August 2017 as the day.
Penang should be ready for attacks next week onward while Selangor expect more poisoning in the water.
PDRM have already a list to monitor and attack.
Hadi will get another RM10 million as promised. So PAS is definitely working with UMNO this time round.

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People's power is Najib and Rosmah's nightmare

IGP Khalid, stop sucking your own cock

High Court: Duty of police to prevent clash between Bersih 5, Red Shirts

Justice Nanthan Balan pointed out that the police must redirect any counter-rallies if they knew that clashes were imminent. — Picture by Opalyn MokJustice Nanthan Balan pointed out that the police must redirect any counter-rallies if they knew that clashes were imminent. — Picture by Opalyn MokKUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — The High Court today pointed out that the police are legally-bound to ensure the Red Shirts movement holds its counter-rally at a different location to prevent clashes with Bersih 2.0 supporters this Saturday.
Justice Nanthan Balan in reading out his ruling rejecting an application for an injunction to prevent Bersih 5 and a counter-rally from taking place in the capital city said Section 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Act stated that the police must redirect any counter-rallies if they knew that clashes were imminent.
"Section 18 of the PAA acts as a safety valve to diffuse any potential conflict therefore it is the duty of the police to prevent a clash or conflict should there is a possibility that it would eventuate," he told the High Court here.
Justice Nanthan said the application, filed by three city Malay trader groups, failed, among others, to provide a credible explanation as to why the suit was only filed at the eleventh hour when Bersih 2.0 had already made it known that the Bersih 5 rally was to be held within the Dataran Merdeka vicinity since September this year.
He also agreed with the argument presented by Bersih 2.0's lead counsel Gurdial Singh that no private citizen or groups should use the court to prevent any organisations from exercising their constitutional right to assemble.
The High Court judge cited Section 18 of the PAA to point out that only the authorities have the power to impose restrictions, as stated by the provision that requires the police to direct any organisation holding a counter-rally to relocate to prevent a confrontation.
Speaking to reporters after the ruling was delivered, lead counsel for Bersih 2.0 Gurdial Singh said Justic Nanthan's mention of Section 18 of the PAA was a powerful reminder that the police have the power to direct the Red Shirt counter-rally to a different location.

"Section 18 of the PAA clearly indicates that the police have ample of power to diffuse potential conflict and we do hope that they would take it up," he said.
Earlier today Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan argued that the police are duty bound to prevent the rival Red Shirts movement from holding its counter rally to Bersih 5 this Saturday.
The former Bersih 2.0 chairman cited Section 18 of the Peaceful Assembly Act, which states that the district police chief must provide an alternative date, time or venue for the organiser of a counter rally to prevent clashes between demonstrators.
The point was raised as part of the defendants' submission to dismiss the injunction.
Ambiga, who was also acting as a counsel for Bersih 2.0 this evening, said she was with the judge’s decision.
I am happy that Section 18 (of the PAA) was mentioned and recognised by the judge..this clearly states that the police have the power to act," she said.
Members of the Red Shirts movement were reported to have harassed Bersih supporters during their nationwide campaign to mobilise support for Bersih 5 since October by tailing them, surrounding individuals handing out leaflets and repeatedly demanding explanations in loud voices.
More recently, Jamal was recorded on video as saying he would “chop up” Bersih supporters during an altercation with police present that left him with a bloodied nose.

Stand United and be ONE to save Malaysia

Jamal rules over PDRM

IGP Khalid is just a servant to Jamal.
Today Jamal sits and give command to PDRM.
What more to say.......................

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China To Implement “Chinese Card” For Malaysians Born Chinese

“No matter where the Chinese people are, China will always be their “maternal home””. – President Xi Jinping

628x-1China to implement “Chinese Card” for overseas born Chinese including those from South East Asia.

South East Asia has the world largest overseas born Chinese. This is going to draw millions Chinese in South East Asia especially those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Mauritius, Vietnam migrate back to China.chinese-tech-pr150 to 80 years ago, 1.5 million Hakka Chinese left Songkou River Town going to Shantou en-route to South East Asia.

Plan now is to build an Overseas Chinese Township between Meizhou City and Songkou. Meizhou City is same population to Georgetown but the district of Meizhou is 4 times larger than Singapore, so plenty of space to develop.
It is expected to attract million overseas Chinese migrate to this Overseas Chinese Town.
Private schools and a Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia Food Street are part of the project in historical Songkou River Town. This Food Street is similar to the one on Sentosa Island of Singapore developed by Genting Berhad.
It is expected that Malaysian Chinese Developers will flock to that area to develop that designated area later. Short winter, low crime rate, low murder rate, low road accident, zero discrimination, least air pollution are attracting overseas born Chinese especially those from South East Asia.

Malaysian Pak Turut

Azhar risks being seen as executive's 'Pak Turut' - political scientist ONE BY ONE THEY SELL THEIR SOUL. THE POWER OF P...