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Rosmah sacrifices for Najis to be in power

Many questioned why the sudden support for Najis when the Sultan of Johore was on track targeting the biggest crook in Malaysia History.
The answer was announced to the world today.
People in the know knew that the major share holder in the two deals was Rosmah and it was also because of her that the Sultan of Johore was denied a role.  So when the Sultan of Johore got all the Sultan to bang Najis, Rosmah on the advice of the Queen gave away her share as a gift to the Sultan of Johore.
So now do you understand why the Sultan of Johore is smiling alot these days while a frustrated Rosmah was sent together with the Queen to release her frustration in Hongkong for shopping and partying a…

FLOM has cupboard full of cash at her homes

60,000 undergraduates got no jobs.
MAS pilots are told to go for unpaid leave for two years.
30,000 workers have been retrenched for the past 11 months.
CIMB, MAYBANK, AMBANK AND RHB have also retrenched their staff estimated to be 3,000 workers.
Instead of caring and coming up with various creation to help the Rakyat to ease their daily burden.
Rosmah and Najis keeps millions in various currencies for their own spending.
Life is truly great for the unbeatable ARSE HOLE.
“She has this aluminium cupboard that stretches the entire wall of one room and it is full of cash, all lined up in different denominations and amounts”

Do read the rest of the story in Sarawak Report - Diamond Shopping in Hong Kong?

Since Christmas till today FLOM is still shopping and she has hidden the plane that flew her.

Ample proof that certain UMNO Malays want to close Chinese Business

An Umno Youth exco has urged the boycott of both the Low Yat Plaza and Kota Raya shopping complexes following a brawl which occurred last Saturday. Armand Azha Abu Hanifah suggested that consumers should instead opt for Mara Digital in buying electronic goods. “I think it’s better that we go to Mara Digital as it is safer for consumers, insyaAllah,” he said in a Facebook posting. He also did not agree with the arrest of Mohd Ali Baharom, better known as Ali Tinju, after last week's demonstration calling for a boycott of traders at the Kota Raya complex. Police, said Armand, should instead focus on alleged fraud committed by traders against consumers. “The authorities should take stern action not only to the workers but the company in question as well as the management of the Kota Raya complex for allowing elements of gangsterism in business conduct,” he said. Ali had led the protest after a customer claimed he was locked up by a trader for four hours after he refused to buy several…

Another temperature rising

What happened in Kota Raya should never have happened if Racist Malay in UMNO did not control PDRM and Malaysia.
Today the Racist Malay are taking full advantage because they are protected from prosecution.

The two Red Shirt Gangster should have gone to stay with Anwar in Sungei Buloh but thanks to Misai Man, these two are out in the street destroying the peace in Kuala Lumpur.
Today these two are busy planning which other outlet to assault and rob Chinese Traders in Kuala Lumpur next and it should be Petaling Street next month.
The big plan is to drive the Chinese Traders out from doing handphone business so that the racist outlet in Mara building can be a success.
But the trouble is the Malay traders are the ones who also cheat big time.
But that is for another time.
So the claim by a so-called buyer that he wanted to buy four (4) Samsung phone for RM800 but was forced to cough…

Corruption and bribery killing Pahang people

2016 will be heavenly torture to the ones who received bribes and involve in corruption in Pahang.
But before their death there must be PUNISHMENT.
I truly believe the people of Pahang will cheer and clap in celebration when the rotten fishes kill themselves soon especially the one nicknamed KING GAMBLER.

Self elected Boss heading the biggest Foolish Malay Party


Did Najis win hands down?

Certain people are praising that Najis did a wonderful job bringing his mentor and enemy number 1 down in one strike. To me that is Kutty's karma and he deserves it.
But that does not mean I support Najis.
I believe what is coming round the corner is also what Najis and Rosmah deserve for all the bad things they have done.
At the recent event in PWTC many did not notice that every time Najis opened his mouth at the UMNO Assembly it rain like dogs and cats but the pouring stops immediately he finishes his speech.
I believe in Karma and next year Najis will definitely not be able to win against Allah.
Someone recently admitted that she now realizes that all the money in the world could not find a cure for her son.
Not only does money cannot find a cure it also cannot help you to avoid your karma.
But does people like Najis and Rosmah know that?
When you tell your special squad to kill and murder your enemies karma must be played to the fullest before your cold body touches the grou…

The RM2.6 billion donor MACC is going to meet

Image This is the Arab Donor MACC will be meeting soon. THE MYSTERY CONTINUES.........

RM2 Million Ringgit man felt insulted

How can a person who has taken RM2 million from Najis feel insulted knowing that the future of all Malaysians will lose their freedom for living, speech and action.
It is obvious people like Shahrir Samad has the money to send his family to a European country to live once he is gone.
People like Shahrir do not think far, to them what is now is more important.  What happens in five years time is too hard for them to imagine. These people can only imagine what they cannot get from sucking Najis's cock.
NSC is not only for the Rakyat but to Royalty who are against the present action of the Ruling Government.  Yes there is talk that the Johore Royal House will soon kneel and beg for forgiveness from Rosmah.

Biggest Coward from Malaysia hiding again

Like so many Malaysians I never believe when certain people says the Prime Minister will reveal all regarding 1MDB in Parliament.
Najis everyone knows is the biggest coward man on the planet earth. Not only is he a coward but a criminal who hides behind money and misuses his position to the fullest.
Today headlines in the Sun - Action against 24.
Yes action will be taken against 24 mosquitoes but what about the ones in the Cabinet and the Prime Minister and his whore.  Why does PDRM, MACC, AG and even Royal Household keep ignoring the crimes committed by these crooks? Yes, money is Allah.
There is rumour that Malaysia is now run by the under world and Najis and Rosmah are allowed to do what they like provided black market business is protected.…

The most expensive Birthday Party in the world next week for 70%

Birthday girl is flying off to her usual Birthday Bash of the Year.
The usual 300 guest from Malaysia will be flown in to join the party.
So how many millions will be donated by generous Malaysians to cater for a self made Trillionaire.
At the last birthday bash the Birthday Girl presents were worth over a billion US dollars.
This time how much do you think her presents will be worth?
Life is heaven when ones reputation is 70%,

Snapping into two

Why did the mother killed her own two kids?
This happened in Sungei Petani a town in Kedah.
There are many reasons but one which the authorities love to use is mentally unsound to close the case.
Many things are happening in Malaysia which no authorities are interested to know.
Today we live in a nation where no-one listens or wishes to help, unless there is publicity to promote oneself.
One of the main problem in a situation like this is about money.
Lack of money happens in every household.
I know of a billionaire who neglected his own family forcing them to live in poverty.
So too are friends because of sickness, bankruptcy etc became poor.
So do not think for a second that you will have money throughout your life.
Second comes slavery.  Yes you think slavery does not happen in a marriage.
Today women are consider low class, used goods or old shoes.
Once women get married their duty is to serve the husband like king.
How many of you have husband who helps to look after the kids?